It Was God Who Saved Me – Emeka Ike Says As He Reveals He Was A Victim Of Marital Abuse

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Emeka Ike, the bad boy of Nollywood, has revealed that he was a victim of marital abuse while writing about it, claiming that God was the one who spared him.

In a lengthy essay, Emeka Ike revealed that some males, not only women, suffer abuse in their relationships, and that he was previously a victim of an abusive marriage, which God freed him from.

According to him, most women mistreat men these days because they don’t love them and are only interested in your money. He has been a victim of this, so he understands how most guys are abused in their marriages.

Emeka Ike is attempting to convey to us that some women today just marry men for their money or celebrity, making their lives terrible, but society fails to see this due to women’s manipulative nature, which is really negative.

See the screenshot below;