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Meet Ivy Namulindwa, a multi-talented individual born on October 17th, 1994, into a culturally diverse family of Ugandan and Kikuyu heritage. As the second child in a family of five, Ivy’s journey has taken her from the halls of Christian Baptist School to the digital stage of YouTube, where she has become a prominent content creator with a growing fan base.

Ivy Namulindwa’s  Career:

In 2020, Ivy embarked on her YouTube journey, sharing a variety of topics that offer insights into her life and captivate her audience. Her channel has quickly amassed over two hundred subscribers, showcasing her dedication to providing engaging content. While she is a renowned Ugandan singer, Ivy has chosen to focus predominantly on her flourishing YouTube career.

Ivy Namulindwa’s  Personal Life:

Ivy’s love for her family is evident through her social media posts, where she regularly celebrates the bonds that tie them together. The spotlight shone even brighter on Ivy when she tied the knot with Kenyan media personality Willis Raburu, a moment that elevated her status. The couple began their journey in 2020, and their love story blossomed on the set of the 10/10 show where Willis interviewed Ivy. The couple recently welcomed their second child, adding to the joy of their growing family.

With a heartwarming commitment to family values, Ivy Namulindwa and Willis Raburu are setting an example for their audience, proving that love can prevail even in the face of life’s challenges. Ivy has five tattoos and three piercings, reflecting her unique and expressive personality.

Ivy Namulindwa Net Worth:

Despite her evident hard work and success, Ivy Namulindwa’s net worth remains undisclosed as of now, keeping her audience curious about the financial side of her flourishing career.

Ivy Namulindwa’s  Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Ivy Namulindwa through her Instagram handle, @ivynamu, and catch her engaging content on her YouTube channel, “Ivy Namulindwa.”


Q: When did Ivy Namulindwa start her YouTube channel? A: Ivy kicked off her YouTube journey in 2020, quickly gaining popularity and amassing over two hundred subscribers.

Q: How did Ivy and Willis Raburu meet? A: Ivy and Willis first crossed paths on the 10/10 show, where Willis interviewed her. Their professional relationship evolved into a personal one, leading to their heartwarming journey as a couple.

Q: How many children do Ivy Namulindwa and Willis Raburu have? A: The couple is blessed with two children, including a newborn whose arrival was recently announced.

Q: What is Ivy Namulindwa’s net worth? A: Ivy Namulindwa’s net worth is currently under review, adding an element of curiosity to her thriving career.


Ivy Namulindwa’s story is one of talent, love, and family values. From her roots in Uganda to her rise as a YouTube sensation and wife of Willis Raburu, Ivy continues to inspire and entertain her audience. Keep an eye on her social media channels for more updates on her journey, family, and the exciting content she has in store for her growing fan base.