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Discover the fascinating life of the fast-rising Nigerian interior designer and reality TV star, Jackie B. Born in 1992 to the Bent family in Lagos, Nigeria, Jackie B hails from Adamawa, a Northern state in Nigeria. With a zest for life, this 29-year-old single mother is not only making waves in the world of design but also captivating audiences with her presence on reality TV.

Jackie B’s Early Life and Education:

Jackie B’s early life is shrouded in mystery, especially her elementary and secondary education. What is known is that she pursued higher education in the United Kingdom, where she successfully earned a degree. This international exposure likely played a role in shaping her unique approach to interior design.

Jackie B’s Family Background:

Jackie B is part of a large and close-knit family, being one of twelve siblings. Her roots trace back to Adamawa State, and her mother, Grace Bent, is a notable figure who served as a Senator in the Peoples Democratic Party. Interestingly, Grace Bent later defected to the All Progressives Congress, adding a political touch to Jackie B’s family history.

Jackie B’s Personal Life:

Aside from her career achievements, Jackie B is a devoted single mother who works diligently to provide for her child. Her interests include dancing and enjoying good music, showcasing a vibrant and multifaceted personality beyond her professional pursuits.

Jackie B’s Net Worth:

While the exact figures of Jackie B’s net worth remain undisclosed at the time of this publication, her success in interior design and television suggests a prosperous career. Stay tuned for updates on her net worth as more information becomes publicly available.


Q1: Where was Jackie B born? A1: Jackie B was born in 1992 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Q2: What is Jackie B’s educational background? A2: Though details about her basic education are limited, she pursued higher education in the United Kingdom and obtained a degree.

Q3: How many siblings does Jackie B have? A3: Jackie B comes from a family of twelve siblings.

Q4: Who is Jackie B’s mother? A4: Jackie B’s mother is Grace Bent, a former Senator from Adamawa State who was elected in April 2007.

Q5: What are Jackie B’s hobbies? A5: Jackie B enjoys dancing and listening to good music in her free time.


Jackie B’s journey from being born into a large Nigerian family to becoming a recognized interior designer and reality TV star is truly inspiring. With a rich family history and a passion for her craft, Jackie B’s story continues to unfold, promising more excitement and success in the future. Stay tuned for updates on her net worth and further achievements in the dynamic worlds of design and entertainment.