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In the heart of Homa Bay, Kenya, on April 27, 1983, Felix Odiwour, known to many as Jalang’o, began a remarkable journey that would take him from the shores of Lake Victoria to the pinnacle of Kenya’s media and political landscape.

Jalang’o Early Life and Education:

Born into a family of five children, with three brothers and one sister, Jalang’o’s early education at Homabay Lake Primary School set the stage for an academic journey filled with both challenges and triumphs. Despite scoring an impressive 442 out of 700 in the KCPE, financial constraints hindered his admission to Maseno School. A subsequent setback at Barkanyango Secondary School did not deter him, as he eventually graduated from Nyagoma Boys High School with a C+. This achievement came at a cost, with his elder brother sacrificing his education for Jalang’o to continue.

Academic Milestone:

On November 13, 2020, Jalang’o proudly graduated from Daystar University with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, marking a significant academic milestone in his life.

Jalang’o Career Beginnings:

Jalang’o’s journey into the working world started as a fisherman and fishmonger at Capital Fish Company Limited in Homa Bay town. At the age of 23, driven by determination, he made the pivotal decision to move to Nairobi, where he engaged in various jobs, including acting at the Kenya National Theatre.

Jalang’o Rise to Fame:

Jalang’o’s breakthrough came when he graced the screens of Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula, earning him the moniker “Jalang’o.” His career continued to flourish as he ventured into radio, starting at Kiss FM in 2009, later moving to Radio Maisha, Hot 96 FM, and eventually joining Kiss 100 again.

Jalang’o Media Entrepreneurship:

Not content with just being a radio personality, Jalang’o founded Arena Media, a company specializing in advertising and marketing. His entrepreneurial spirit extends to his YouTube channel, ‘Jalang’o TV,’ where he conducts insightful interviews across various industries.

Notable Achievements:

Jalang’o’s success extends beyond the media landscape. He served as the Master of Ceremonies at the 58th Madaraka Day in 2021 and hosted an event for the Sauti Kuu Foundation, where he was awarded $17,000 by former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Political Triumph:

In a surprising turn of events, Jalang’o entered the political arena and secured victory in the 2022 Kenyan general election, representing Langata Constituency under the Orange Democratic Movement.

Jalang’o Personal Life:

Amidst his busy career, Jalang’o found time for love and family. He married Amina Chao, and the couple is blessed with two children, Salika and Cheptoek Boyo.

Financial Success:

Jalang’o’s impact is not just felt in his career but also in his financial success. As one of Kenya’s wealthiest media personalities, his net worth is estimated at $2.6 million.

Connect with Jalang’o:

Stay updated with Jalang’o on social media:

  • Instagram: @jalangoo
  • Twitter: @JalangoMwenyewe


Q: What is Jalang’o’s educational background? A: Jalang’o graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development from Daystar University in 2020.

Q: Is Jalang’o involved in any businesses besides media? A: Yes, Jalang’o is the founder of Arena Media, a company specializing in advertising and marketing.

Q: When did Jalang’o enter politics? A: Jalang’o was elected as a Member of Parliament for Langata Constituency in the 2022 Kenyan general election.