Jay-Z Deactivates Instagram Page 24 Hours After Joining Social Media Platform

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Legendary American rapper and Billionaire, Jay Z has deactivated his Instagram page barely 24 hours after joining the social media platform.

Jay Z makes surprise debut on Instagram

This may have come as a shock to his teeming fans who were already hyped about his willingness to share his private life and career on the platform.

At the time of the deactivation of the page, the father of three had already amassed over 2.3 million followers.

Jay-Z made a profile on the social media platform on Tuesday (2 November) to promote “The Harder They Fall”, a new western film released on Netflix.

Shortly after setting the account live, Jay-Z racked up 1.9 million followers, one of whom was his wife and singer, Beyoncé.

Proving it wasn’t an accident, Beyoncé also shared Jay-Z’s first ever Instagram story, which was a countdown to the film’s premiere.


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Jay-Z deactivate his new IG account 24 hours after joining the social media  platform