Jelly roll biography Wikipedia age and career

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Jelly roll biography Wikipedia age and career

Jason DeFord, born on December 4, 1984, is a prominent American rapper and singer-songwriter who goes by the stage name Jelly Roll. He has made a significant mark in the music industry with his distinctive fusion of hip-hop, country, and rock and roll.


Hailing from the vibrant city of Antioch, Tennessee, Jelly Roll’s journey into the world of music began at a tender age. His passion for rhythm and wordplay led him to release his inaugural mixtape in 2003, laying the foundation for his remarkable career.


The early 2010s witnessed Jelly Roll’s ascent to fame as he collaborated with notable artists such as Lil Wyte and Haystak, which further solidified his presence in the hip-hop scene. In 2012, he took a significant stride by launching his independent debut album, titled “The Big Sal Story.”


A pivotal moment in his career occurred in 2018 when Jelly Roll signed with Warner Bros. Nashville. This collaboration paved the way for his major label debut album, “A Beautiful Disaster,” released in 2019. The album resonated with both critics and fans alike, producing chart-topping singles like “Son of a Sinner” and “Whiskey on the Rocks.”


Jelly Roll’s authenticity shines through his lyrics, often characterized by their relatability and honesty. His live performances are electrifying, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and distinctive fashion sense. Notably, he has played a vital role in bridging the gap between hip-hop and country music, solidifying his position as a key figure in the country music scene.


Among his many achievements are five successful studio albums, multiple prestigious awards, including the 2023 CMT Music Award for Breakthrough Male Video of the Year, and extensive tours alongside celebrated artists such as Brantley Gilbert, Dustin Lynch, and Dierks Bentley. His ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop, country, and rock and roll has garnered widespread acclaim.


Jelly Roll stands as one of the most innovative and captivating artists in contemporary country music. With his unique style and unwavering dedication, he continues to rise as a star, promising a future filled with even greater accomplishments in the world of music.

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