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Jesse Garba Abaga, born on August 10, 1984, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, has etched his name into the fabric of the country’s music scene. A member of the Jukun ethnic group from Taraba State, Jesse’s early exposure to music through his family laid the foundation for a prolific career. In this blog post, we delve into Jesse Jagz’s musical journey, personal life, controversies, and a glimpse into his discography.

Jesse Jagz’s Musical Journey:

Jesse’s foray into music began at the age of seven when he joined the choir at his church in Jos. His family background, with a gospel-singing mother and a pastor father, nurtured his musical inclinations. Despite an initial setback with the group Gospel Insanity, Jesse found success with the band Eleven Thirty. His collaboration with brother MI and the establishment of Inner Hub Studios marked pivotal moments in his career.

By 2006, Jesse Jagz had become a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, with hits like “Africa” dominating charts. His diverse sound, blending hip-hop, reggae, and other genres, contributed to the emergence of street anthems in Northern Nigeria. Notable tracks like “Nobody Test Me,” “The Greatest,” and “Bend Down Low” further solidified his position in the industry.

After a hiatus in 2011 and 2012, Jesse returned in 2013 with a reggae-influenced sound, showcasing his versatility. In 2020, he released the EP “Garba,” a fusion of Afropop, trap, hip-hop, and folk music, earning critical acclaim.

Jesse Jagz’s Personal Life:

Jesse Jagz is the younger brother of renowned Nigerian artist and producer M.I. Abaga. He is a father to a daughter with singer Ruby Gyang and tied the knot with his girlfriend, Tolu, in a private ceremony in July 2020 in Jos, Plateau State.


Jesse’s career hasn’t been without controversies. Despite leaving Chocolate City, citing unhappiness with career management, he maintained amicable relations with former label mates. Speculations around marijuana addiction and financial troubles surfaced, with Jesse defending his stance on marijuana use. He started Jagz Nation in 2012 but later returned to Chocolate City in 2015, only to leave again after a year.


Jesse Jagz has crafted an extensive discography, including studio albums like “Jag of All Tradez” (2010), “Thy Nation Come” (2013), “Royal Niger Company” (2014), and “Odysseus” (2017). His EP “Garba” in 2020 showcased his musical evolution.

Awards and Nominations:

Jesse Jagz’s talent has garnered recognition, including awards for “Best Dance Single” and “Producer of the Year.” Notably, he secured the “Lyricist on the Roll” award for “God on the Mic” in 2014.


Q1: When did Jesse Jagz release his debut album? A1: Jesse Jagz made his debut with the album “Jag of All Tradez” in 2010.

Q2: What is Jesse Jagz’s net worth? A2: Jesse Jagz’s estimated net worth is $2 million.

Q3: Has Jesse Jagz won any awards? A3: Yes, Jesse Jagz has won several awards, including “Producer of the Year” and “Lyricist on the Roll.”


Jesse Jagz’s journey from a church choir in Jos to becoming a music sensation reflects his passion and dedication. Despite controversies, his musical prowess and diverse sound continue to resonate with fans. From the early days with Eleven Thirty to the recent success of the “Garba” EP, Jesse Jagz remains a significant figure in Nigerian music.

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