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Discover the incredible journey of John Boyega, the British-Nigerian actor born on March 17, 1992, in the vibrant Camberwell district of London. While growing up in Peckham, Boyega’s passion for acting blossomed, leading him to become one of the prominent figures in Hollywood today.

John Boyega’s Early Life and Education:

Boyega’s roots trace back to Nigeria, with parents Samson and Abigail Adegboyega. His upbringing in a Pentecostal minister’s household fueled his early involvement in the arts. Tragically, in 2000, Boyega and his sister Grace were among the last to see Damilola Taylor alive, a poignant moment that would shape his perspective on life.

Boyega’s educational journey took him from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School to Westminster City School and South Thames College, where he honed his acting skills. Despite a brief detour to the University of Greenwich, his true calling in acting prevailed.

John Boyega’s Career Beginnings:

Boyega’s acting journey started at a young age, with his first role as a leopard at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School. His breakthrough came in the 2011 film “Attack the Block.” Before his iconic role as Finn in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Boyega showcased his talent in various productions, including HBO’s “Da Brick” and the 2011 movie “Junkhearts.”

Establishing Upperroom Entertainment:

In 2016, Boyega founded Upperroom Entertainment, his production company. The company co-produced the 2018 sequel “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” featuring Boyega as Jake Pentecost. He continues to shape the entertainment landscape with upcoming projects, including the 2022 film “Breaking.”

Activism and Advocacy:

Beyond the silver screen, Boyega is known for his activism. He passionately spoke at a Black Lives Matter protest in London, drawing attention to issues of racial injustice. His candid criticism of Disney’s handling of his “Star Wars” character also made headlines.

John Boyega’s Personal Life:

While Boyega remains focused on his career, he recently shared his desire for a committed relationship in a candid interview. His preference for a partner who is “brown and thick” stirred discussions about love and self-discovery.

Recent Projects and Awards:

Boyega’s recent projects include “The Woman King” and “They Cloned Tyrone,” showcasing his versatility. His accolades include the Rising Star Award at the 2015 British Academy Film Awards and the prestigious Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2020.


Q1: What is John Boyega’s production company? A1: Boyega established Upperroom Entertainment in 2016.

Q2: What are Boyega’s upcoming projects? A2: Boyega is set to star in “Breaking” and the sequel to “Attack the Block.”

Q3: What awards has Boyega won? A3: Boyega won the Rising Star Award at the 2015 BAFTA and the Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2020.


John Boyega’s journey from a London neighborhood to Hollywood stardom is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond his acting prowess, Boyega’s commitment to advocacy and his ventures with Upperroom Entertainment mark him as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.