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Meet Juliet Miriam Ayub, affectionately known as Jovial, born on January 1, 1992, in the enchanting coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya. Raised by a single parent, Jovial draws inspiration from her upbringing, with her father as a guitar-playing preacher and her mother as a choirmaster at an Anglican church.

Jovial’s  Early Years and Education:

Although details about Jovial’s education remain private, her journey into music began in her primary school days, where her infectious joy earned her the nickname ‘Jovial.’ Teachers noted her happy disposition, love for laughter, and the knack for making friends.

The Musical Genesis:

Jovial’s musical journey commenced at the tender age of six when she joined an Anglican church choir in Kisauni, Mombasa. Her talent blossomed, leading her to produce her first song at age 12 in Tears Records Studio, a local gem in Mombasa. Notably, her hit ‘Mapenzi Kivyetu’ under Big Sound Records solidified her early success.

A Pause for Education:

Taking a hiatus to prioritize her high school education, Jovial later returned to the scene with ‘Hisia’ under SQ Records. Her career gained momentum, performing alongside J.I. during his Mombasa tour.

Professional Breakthrough:

Jovial officially launched her music career after high school, relocating to Nairobi in 2013. A collaboration with Jua Kali on ‘Sina Tabu’ marked a significant milestone, recorded at Calif Record and produced by Clemmo.

The Climb to Fame:

In 2015, Jovial reached new heights with the release of ‘Chanda Chema’ under SQ Records. The turning point came in 2019 when she caught the attention of Otile Brown, signing her to the Just In Love Music Label. Despite releasing successful singles like ‘Zichune’ and ‘Amor,’ Jovial terminated the contract for undisclosed reasons.

Jovial’s  Personal Life:

Jovial navigated a long-term relationship, keeping details private, until announcing a new relationship in 2021 with an undisclosed partner. The artist faced challenges as her previous partner desired a traditional homemaker, leading to their separation.

Top Tracks:

  • Jeraha ft Otile Brown
  • Such Kinda Love Ft Otile Brown
  • Pita Nawe
  • Size Yangu
  • Tantarira
  • Zichune Ft Otile Brown
  • Unanikosha ft Marioo
  • Kolea
  • Polepole ft Danny Dee
  • Around ft Mr Seed
  • Tujenge
  • Kioo
  • Sherehe Sheri aft Mbuzi Gang
  • Mi Amor ft Marioo
  • Chechemea
  • Rise to the Challenge

Jovial’s Net Worth:

Jovial’s net worth is estimated between $48,000 and $135,000, reflecting her success in the competitive music industry.

Connect with Jovial:

  • Instagram: @jovial_ke
  • Twitter: @jovial_ke


  1. What inspired Jovial’s stage name?
    • Jovial earned her stage name during primary school due to her consistently cheerful and friendly demeanor.
  2. Why did Jovial take a break from music after her hit song?
    • Jovial took a hiatus to focus on her high school education.
  3. Why did Jovial terminate her contract with Just In Love Music Label?
    • The reasons for terminating the contract with Otile Brown’s label remain undisclosed to the public.


Jovial’s journey from a coastal town in Kenya to Nairobi’s music scene showcases resilience and talent. Her story, peppered with highs and lows, continues to captivate fans across the globe. Follow Jovial on her social media handles for the latest updates on her musical endeavors.