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Explore the captivating journey of Kayla Varner, an American sports enthusiast and former soccer player whose life took an extraordinary turn through her enduring relationship with professional baseball player Bryce Harper. From her early days in Henderson, Nevada, to her thriving family life in Philadelphia, Kayla’s story is one of love, passion for sports, and personal triumphs.

Kayla Varner’s Biography:

Born on November 4, 1992, in Henderson, Nevada, Kayla Varner is the eldest child of Sean and Lizz Varner, raised in a close-knit Mormon family alongside her two younger brothers, Markus and McKay Varner. Kayla’s love affair with soccer ignited during her high school years at Green Valley High School, where she eventually served as the captain of the girls’ soccer team from 2009 to 2011.

After a successful college soccer career at Brigham Young University, Kayla pursued higher education at Ohio State University, earning her bachelor’s degree. Her dedication to the sport extended beyond the collegiate level, as she also played for the Neusport Soccer Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kayla Varner’s Career:

Kayla Varner’s soccer prowess shone brightly during her high school years, where she not only captained the team but also garnered accolades such as Most Valuable Player and Athlete of the Month. Her journey continued into college, showcasing her commitment to the sport.

Kayla Varner’s Family and Relationship:

Kayla’s love story with Bryce Harper began in high school, and their bond persisted through college. The couple faced a brief interruption to their wedding plans in 2014 but rekindled their romance, leading to a heartwarming marriage ceremony at a Mormon temple in San Diego in December 2016. The couple shares two adorable children, Krew Aron Harper, born in August 2019, and Brooklyn Elizabeth Harper, born in November 2020.

Kayla Varner’s Age, Height, and Weight:

At 30 years old, Kayla Varner stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) and maintains a healthy weight of 60 kg (132 lbs.). Her vibrant personality and athletic build have been constant features throughout her life.

Kayla Varner’s Net Worth:

Kayla Varner boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million, complementing her husband Bryce Harper’s impressive net worth of $70 million.


  1. How did Kayla Varner and Bryce Harper meet?
    • Kayla and Bryce’s love story began in high school, where they became high school sweethearts.
  2. What caused the temporary cancellation of their wedding in 2014?
    • The couple briefly halted their wedding plans in 2014 but later re-engaged and had their ceremony in December 2016.
  3. How many children do Kayla and Bryce have?
    • The couple has two children, Krew Aron Harper and Brooklyn Elizabeth Harper.
  4. What is Kayla Varner’s background in soccer?
    • Kayla Varner’s soccer journey started at Green Valley High School, where she served as the captain of the girls’ soccer team from 2009 to 2011.


Kayla Varner’s life is a testament to the power of passion, love, and resilience. From her early days on the soccer field to building a family with Bryce Harper, Kayla’s journey is an inspiring tale of success and commitment. As we delve into the intricacies of her life, we discover a remarkable woman whose story continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports and beyond.