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Meet Gbolahan Ololade, a talented Nigerian photographer, reality TV star, and entertainer, who is currently captivating audiences in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Season 6. Born in 1993 in Ogun State, Nigeria, to the loving family of Mr. and Mrs. Ololade, Gbolahan, also known as Kayvee, hails from the vibrant Yoruba tribe in the southern region of Nigeria. As we delve into his background, career, hobbies, and personal life, let’s explore the journey of this 26-year-old sensation.

Kayvee Early Life and Education:

While details about Kayvee’s early education are scant, it’s evident that he is a southern Nigerian, proudly Yoruba, a Nigerian by nationality, and a follower of the Christian faith. Though specifics about his basic education remain undisclosed, it’s reasonable to assume that a person of his caliber is likely a Bachelor’s Degree holder.

Kayvee Career:

Before entering the Big Brother Naija house, Kayvee had already established himself as a skilled photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His passion and talent in photography set the stage for his entry into the world of entertainment, making him a notable contestant in one of Nigeria’s most-watched reality TV shows.

Kayvee Hobbies and Personal Life:

Beyond the lenses and the limelight, Gbolahan Ololade, at 26, embraces a diverse range of interests. His hobbies include playing football, enjoying the nightlife by clubbing, and engaging in card games. In an interview, he described himself as fun to be around and innovative, traits that have likely contributed to his popularity among viewers.

Kayvee Net Worth:

As of now, the exact net worth of Kayvee remains undisclosed. However, given his success as a photographer and his participation in Big Brother Naija Season 6, it’s anticipated that his financial standing will see a significant boost. Keep an eye on this space for updates on Kayvee’s net worth as soon as the information becomes public.

FAQs About Gbolahan Ololade (Kayvee):

  1. Where was Gbolahan Ololade born? Gbolahan Ololade, also known as Kayvee, was born in 1993 in Ogun, Ogun State, Nigeria.
  2. What is Kayvee’s educational background? While details about his basic education are not readily available, it is suggested that Gbolahan Ololade is likely a Bachelor’s Degree holder.
  3. What is Kayvee’s career before Big Brother Naija? Prior to joining the Big Brother Naija house, Kayvee was a successful photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
  4. What are Kayvee’s hobbies? Gbolahan Ololade enjoys playing football, clubbing, and engaging in card games as part of his hobbies.
  5. What is Kayvee’s net worth? As of now, the exact net worth of Kayvee is not estimated. Updates on his net worth will be provided as soon as the information becomes available.


Gbolahan Ololade, with his multifaceted talents and vibrant personality, continues to make a mark in the Nigerian entertainment scene. As he navigates through the challenges and opportunities in the Big Brother Naija house, audiences eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the journey of this rising star from Ogun State.