Keep Forcing Davido To Marry You The Same Way You Forced Him To Engage You Bcos You got Pregnant – Davido’s Alleged Girlfriend Calls Out Chioma

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Chioma Avril Rowland, the alleged girlfriend of Nigerian singer Davido, has been called a hypocrite for acting as if she is always the protagonist in Davido’s book.

Vanessa slammed Chioma for being a pretentious person who appears nice and well-behaved on social media but is constantly causing drama for her (Vanessa) and Davido’s other baby mamas behind the scenes.

Among the unproven claims she made was that Chioma forced herself on the Nigerian superstar and forced him to marry her, which he never did.

In her words,

I got a lot of tags this week, insults and all that even some baby mums with fake accounts, and I blocked many. I hate to hide shit, I speak my mind laws and let it go unlike some ppl.

Someppl be like oh that baby mum is so quiet, alws on her lane ,zero drama lol . If only u knw gecko -s-(all for the gram) The same person dat calls me on phone almost everyday and other baby moms too. I hate fake like don’t come on social media and act saint while in real life u are devil,o nly David will tell this story when he is ready (he went thru hell).”

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