“Keep pushing” – Kate Henshaw Enlightens Fans On Body Balance(VIDEO)

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Popular Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw has shared some tips on body balance, says a strong core will improve posture, balance and coordination

Kate Henshaw Workout Vibes - Shakarasquare

CELEBRITY-PROFILE recalled  that Kate Henshaw, was slammed some weeks ago by a social media user for saying ‘Men are scared of action ladies’.

sharing a fitness photo of her self she wrote;

Do you really do anything else apart from lifting weights? If every female or whatever is like you, there will be hunger in the house be careful. Men are scared of action ladies.

On seeing the post a social media user replied;

Weak men abi?? Should I add you to the list??.
So lifting weights is the exclusive preserve of men?
In what alternate universe do you reside??
Hunger in the house because I choose to look after my health??

Kate Henshaw slams troll who cautioned her for gyming instead of cooking

Kate Henshaw has taken to her social media handle on popular social platform, Twiietr sharing a video of herself undergoing some fitness trainning under the supervision of her instructor in a gym.

She further enlightened her fans and follower on body balance, saying ‘being focused on keeping fit will improve posture, balance and coordination’.

She Tweeted;

“Progress is a daily requirement in fitness…. Keep pushing…. A strong core will improve posture, balance and coordination…”



Reactin to her post;

@AGLIONX:-Wahala No dey finished !Unamused face

@TheFederalRepu1:-Well done.

@beccah4real:-Smiling face with 3 heartsSmiling face with 3 heartsSmiling face with 3 hearts

@ChukkyDerek:-Aunty Kate are you low-key trying to get into UFC?.

@AdekunbiAyodele:-a fine morning to you my beautiful momma Kate…
Kate Henshaw

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