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In the heart of Kutlwanong, Odendaalsrus, South Africa, on the 21st of October 1970, Kenny Kunene was born into a world that would shape him into a resilient entrepreneur and controversial public figure. From his early days protesting against apartheid to his foray into politics, imprisonment, and diverse business ventures, Kunene’s life is a tapestry of challenges, successes, and controversies.

Kenny Kunene’s Early Years and Education:

Born as the third child in a family of four siblings, Kunene’s early education journey began at Marobe Primary School and later at Rearabetswe Secondary School in the Free State Province. At a tender age of 15, he took a stand against the apartheid regime, resulting in a six-month jail term. Following his release, Kunene pursued higher education at Vista University, majoring in English and History, paving the way for his teaching career.

Kenny Kunene’s Career Beginnings:

Remarkably, Kunene kickstarted his career while incarcerated for the second time between 1997 and 2003 for running a Ponzi scheme. Behind bars, he organized events to foster goodwill among inmates, earning influence within the prison community. Post-release, he joined Calculus Private School in Bloemfontein before venturing into business with former bank robber turned motivational speaker, Gayton Mckenzie. Together, they invested in the seafood distribution business.

Political Affiliation and Controversies:

Kunene’s political journey saw him shift allegiance from the African National Congress (ANC) to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in 2013. However, he later resigned from the EFF and assumed the role of secretary-general in the Patriotic Alliance in November 2013, leaving the party a year later. Despite investigations by The Hawk in 2021, no charges were filed against Kunene in connection to alleged fraudulent representations.

Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship:

Currently, Kunene focuses on a myriad of business ventures, including the Smart City Technology Company, which features the Yookoo Ride e-hailing Taxi app in South Africa. His portfolio extends to public relations, skills training, development, government relations, mining consulting, and investments. The entrepreneur also owns two online news outlets, The WeeklyXpose and AfricaNews 24-7.

Kenny Kunene’s Media Presence and Personal Life:

Kunene’s media presence soared when he starred in the reality TV show “So What: Big Money, Big Dreams” and appeared in the British documentary series “The Moaning of Life.” As a music enthusiast, he owns New Money Record and released his debut album, “ZAR Sushi Miz,” in 2012.

In his personal life, Kunene, known as “The Sushi King,” faced criticism for hosting a controversial birthday party at the ZAR Club in 2010. Despite controversies, Kunene is a family man, married to Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga, with five children – Mpho, Mosa, Remo, Reemona, and Thato.

Kenny Kunene’s Net Worth and Social Media:

Renowned for his business acumen, Kunene boasts an estimated net worth of R260 million. Fans and followers can stay updated on his ventures through his Instagram handle, kenny_kunene, and Twitter account, @Kenny_T_Kunene.


  1. What was Kenny Kunene’s first major business venture? Kenny Kunene’s entrepreneurial journey began with an investment in the seafood distribution business alongside Gayton Mckenzie.
  2. Why did Kenny Kunene leave the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)? Kenny Kunene left the EFF in August 2013, citing differences in leadership and expressing his discontent in a letter to President Jacob Zuma.
  3. How did Kenny Kunene earn the nickname “The Sushi King”? Kenny Kunene earned the moniker “The Sushi King” due to his love for sushi, notably showcased at the ZAR Club, where he hosted lavish events, albeit with some controversy.


Kenny Kunene’s life story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of success despite facing numerous challenges. From his early activism to his current prominence as a businessman, Kunene’s journey is a captivating narrative of personal and professional growth.