King Solomon of Our Time: Man Marries Triplet Sisters on Same Day in Colourful Wedding Ceremony (Video)

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Luwizo, a Congolese man, is the latest King Solomon to arrive in town. In a colorful wedding ceremony, the polygamous man from Kalehe, South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, married triplets Natasha, Natalie, and Nadege.

Luwizo revealed in an interview with AfriMax that he first fell in love with Natalie, whom he met on social media and couldn’t resist. When Luwizo went to Natalie’s house and she wasn’t there, he was greeted by one of the triplets and couldn’t tell them apart. They both fell in love with him over time.

After visiting Natalie’s house to formalize their marriage, Luwizo was surprised to meet three identical women. “When we told him he had to marry all of us, he was taken aback.

But since he had already fallen in love with all of us, nothing could derail our plans because we were also in love with him.

People think it’s impossible for three women to share one husband, but we’ve been sharing everything since we were kids “Natalie, one of the triplets, spoke up.

Speaking about the experience, the man said: “I almost fainted. I asked them amongst all of you, who is Natalie? They told me I had met all of them on different days I visited. I became confused as I had planned to marry Natalie but what confused me was that I couldn’t marry one of the girls and leave the two behind.”

He added:

“I was obliged to marry to all of them because they are triplets. It wasn’t an easy decision because until now, my parents don’t understand what I’m doing.”

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