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In the vibrant city of Lagos on October 24, 1973, Kunle Iyiola Afod, a renowned figure in the Yoruba film industry, began his journey. Hailing from Ibadan, Oyo State, Kunle is the youngest member of a family of four, who, from an early age, found his passion for acting and storytelling. This blog post explores the life, career, and notable achievements of Kunle Afod, shedding light on the man behind the camera and his remarkable contributions to the Yoruba film scene.

Kunle Afod Early Life and Education:

Kunle’s educational journey commenced in Festac, Lagos, and later led him to Owo, Ondo State. His quest for knowledge took him to the Command Day Secondary School in Jos, where he earned his O’level certificate. Growing up, Kunle was deeply influenced by the music of Fuji stars like K1 De Ultimate and Alhaji Wasiu Pasuma, setting the stage for his future in the world of entertainment.

Kunle Afod Career Beginnings:

Under the guidance of the late Jide Ogungbade, a revered actor, Kunle Afod embarked on his acting career. Ben Tomoloju and Jahman Anikulapo also played pivotal roles in shaping his skills. Joining the Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group alongside Adebayo Salami, known as Oga Bello, marked a significant chapter in his career. Noteworthy films such as “Nkan Agba,” “Odi Ade,” and “Ofin Kokanla” showcased his acting prowess and established him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Directorial Success:

Kunle Afod’s talent extends beyond acting; he has also made a mark as a successful movie director. “Ori Eiye,” a popular movie directed by him, featuring Kiitan Bukola, stands as a testament to his directorial skills.

Kunle Afod Personal Life:

In his personal life, Kunle Afod is married to Desola Afod, and together they have been blessed with four sons. Angel Oyinkansola Afod, his daughter from a previous union, holds a special place in his heart, celebrated every December 30th. His siblings, Lanre Afod, Olayiwola Afod, and Adenike Afod, contribute to the strong family bond that supports Kunle in his journey.

Kunle Afod Filmography:

Kunle Afod’s filmography is extensive and includes notable works such as “Pitan,” “Orindola,” “Ade Ferrari,” and “Wura ati Fadaka,” among others. His contributions to the Yoruba film industry have earned him a nomination for an EKAA City Award and an award from Eagle Studio, Istanbul, Turkey.

Awards and Recognition:

Kunle Afod’s impact on the Yoruba film industry has not gone unnoticed. His work received a nomination for an EKAA City Award as the best soap opera in Africa. Additionally, he was honored at Eagle Studio in Istanbul, Turkey, further solidifying his standing as a respected figure in the entertainment world.

Kunle Afod Net Worth:

As a leading actor and director in the Yoruba film business, Kunle Afod has become a brand ambassador for Boundless Services, a real estate company in Lagos, and other organizations. With a net worth of $1.3 million, his success speaks volumes about his dedication and talent.

Kunle Afod Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Kunle Afod on Instagram (@kunleafod) and Twitter (@kunleafod) for the latest updates on his life and career.


Q1: How did Kunle Afod start his acting career? A1: Kunle Afod began his acting career under the mentorship of the late Jide Ogungbade, a renowned actor. He was also trained by industry stalwarts Ben Tomoloju and Jahman Anikulapo.

Q2: What are some of Kunle Afod’s notable films? A2: Kunle Afod has starred in popular films such as “Nkan Agba,” “Odi Ade,” “Ofin Kokanla,” “Pitan,” and “Wura ati Fadaka,” among others.

Q3: Has Kunle Afod received any awards for his work? A3: Yes, Kunle Afod’s contributions to the Yoruba film industry have earned him a nomination for an EKAA City Award and an award from Eagle Studio in Istanbul, Turkey.


Kunle Afod’s journey from Lagos to becoming a celebrated actor and director is truly inspiring. His dedication to the craft, coupled with his diverse talents, has solidified his place in the Yoruba film industry. As he continues to contribute to the world of entertainment, Kunle Afod remains a name to watch, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Nigerian cinema.