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Ladipoe, born on April 29th, 1992, emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene. Raised in Lagos, Ladipoe’s journey from the University of North Carolina to co-founding the group Lyrically Equipped and eventually signing with Mavin Records has been nothing short of remarkable.

Ladipoe Early Life and Education:

Ladipoe’s roots trace back to Mr. and Mrs. Eso, who nurtured his early years in Lagos. After completing his primary and secondary education locally, Ladipoe pursued higher education at the University of North Carolina, majoring in Biology and Chemistry. It was during this time that his passion for music blossomed, leading to the formation of Lyrically Equipped with friends Jeffrey and Kurt.

Ladipoe Career Beginnings:

Post-university, Ladipoe delved into music, catching the attention of Tec from ShowDemCamp through his mother’s introduction. His lyrical prowess in SDC’s “Feel Alright” earned him a Headies Awards nomination in 2013, marking the beginning of a promising career. He became the first rapper signed to Mavin Records, recording his debut single “Man Already” under the label.

Ladipoe Rise to Prominence:

Ladipoe’s breakout moment came with the 2021 hit single “Feeling,” featuring Buju. The track dominated the TurnTable Top 50 chart and became a favorite not only in Nigeria but also in South African clubs. Ladipoe’s journey reflects resilience in an industry where rap music is sometimes less appreciated, with “Feeling” being a testament to his dedication.

Ladipoe Personal Life:

Beyond the spotlight, Ladipoe resides in a posh Lagos neighborhood, flaunting a fleet of exotic cars. As one of the judges of Hennessy vs Class Of 2022, he mentors aspiring rappers, showcasing a commitment to nurturing talent. In a surprising turn, Ladipoe announced his fatherhood in August 2021, maintaining privacy about his partner.


Ladipoe’s musical portfolio boasts diverse tracks, including “Can’t Forget,” “Jaiye,” “Know You” featuring Simi, and the 2021 release “Rap Messiah.” His albums, “Talk About Poe” (2019) and “Providence EP” (2021), showcase his evolution as an artist.

Awards and Accolades:

The accolades have poured in for Ladipoe, with his video for “Jaiye” earning a Headies nomination in 2019. Notably, his collaboration with Falz on “Marry Me” clinched the 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Collaboration.

Ladipoe Net Worth:

Ladipoe’s talent has translated into financial success, with an estimated net worth of around $1 million, solidifying his status as one of Nigeria’s most promising artists.

Ladipoe Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Ladipoe on social media:

  • Facebook: Ladipoe
  • Twitter: @LadiPoe
  • Instagram: @ladipoe


  1. When did Ladipoe start his music career? Ladipoe ventured into music immediately after completing his university education.
  2. What is Ladipoe’s most popular song? Ladipoe’s 2021 hit single “Feeling,” featuring Buju, peaked at number one on the TurnTable Top 50 chart.
  3. Which record label is Ladipoe signed to? Ladipoe is signed to Mavin Records, making history as their first rapper since the re-branding in 2012.
  4. What are Ladipoe’s notable achievements? Ladipoe received a Headies Awards nomination in 2013 for the Best Alternative Song of the Year. His collaboration with Falz on “Marry Me” won the 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Collaboration.