Lady Almost Died After The Pleasure Tool She Was Using to Satisfy Herself Got Stuck In Her (VIDEO)

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A lady who most likely enjoys pleasing herself without the assistance of a man has shared her experience after the pleasure tool she purchased decided to speak its mind.

The unidentified woman revealed that the cap of the pleasure tool she used refused to come out after inserting it inside her, becoming stuck and landing her in the hospital.

On TikTok, she posted “the thing that almost killed her.”

According to her:

“So basically I’m in the military, I’ve been away from home for over a year,” she stated in a follow-up clip.

“Because I’m away from home, I have to force it to do what it wants, which is why I bought that toy. The toy had like ten different settings on it,” she said, “so the first couple of things I used them a lot, so one day I just decided to just crack this whole thing really quick.”

I shouldn’t do that since level one, level two, and level three will always send me to heaven.” I turned it up to level six since it had a different vibration with the small suction devices.”

Within three to five seconds, she claimed, the gadget transported her to “heaven.”

“I’m in heaven,” she said, “and I suddenly realize I can’t get it out of me. I tried to pull the toy out, but it wouldn’t budge – the suction cup was stuck.”

“I’m on the floor because I couldn’t get up since my body is so weak. I blacked out the next thing I knew.” The object was retrieved from her body after she was rushed to the hospital.

Watch the video below :