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Nigeria boasts a rich tapestry of musical talent, and one name that resonates profoundly in the gospel music scene is Lara George. Born into the illustrious family of Oluwole Bajomo in Lagos State on June 22, 1978, Lara George’s musical prowess and soulful renditions have earned her acclaim both locally and internationally.

Lara George’s Education

A product of Queen’s College, Lagos, Lara pursued her academic journey in Architecture at the Lagos State University, setting the stage for a future where creativity and melody would seamlessly intertwine.

Lara George’s Early Career and Musical Ventures

Lara George’s musical journey commenced at the University of Lagos, where she became an integral part of the campus fellowship choir. A significant chapter in her career saw her as a member of the now-disbanded musical group, Kush, alongside TY Bello, Dapo Torimiro, and Emem Ema.

Her debut album, “Forever In My Heart,” released in 2008, marked a turning point with the hit single “Ijoba Orun.” This album garnered her numerous awards and nominations, including the prestigious Voice of the Year at the 2008 Nigeria Music Awards and the Best Vocals Performance (Female) at the 2010 ‘Headies’ awards.

Awards and Accolades

Lara George’s musical journey has been studded with accolades, including the 2011 Africa Gospel Music Awards’ Best African Female Gospel Artiste and Trailblazer of the Year at the Africa Gospel Music Awards. She was also nominated at the 2016 Kora Awards as Best Female Artiste West Africa and recognized as Gospel Artiste of the Year at the Ben TV Awards UK.

Live Performances and Global Recognition

Her captivating performances have graced stages worldwide, from the GreenBelt Festival in the UK to the monumental gospel concert, The Experience, where she shared the spotlight with renowned artists like Ron Kenoly, Bebe, Cece Winans, Micah Stampley, and Don Moen. Lara George even made history as one of the first Nigerian artists featured on BET International.

Lara George’s Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Lara George is happily married to Gbenga George, a legal practitioner and music entrepreneur. The couple shares the joys of parenthood with two children, Adeoba and Tiaraoluwa.


Lara George’s discography is a testament to her musical evolution, featuring albums like “Lara George” (2009), “Higher – The Dansaki Album” (2012), “Love Nwantintin” (2014), “The Medley Album” (2014), and “A Slice of Heaven” (2017). Her notable tracks include “Dansaki,” “Ijoba Orun,” “Halleluyah,” “Ko ma si/Nobody like you,” “Rest of my life,” and “Ti se.”

Lara George’s Net Worth

Lara George’s influence extends beyond her musical prowess, with an estimated net worth of around $300,000, coupled with valuable assets to her credit.

Lara George’s Social Media Presence

Stay connected with Lara George on Instagram (@LaraGeorgemusic) and Twitter (@larageorge) for the latest updates and glimpses into her musical journey.


Q: What is Lara George’s net worth? A: Lara George’s estimated net worth is around $300,000, excluding her valuable assets.

Q: What are some of Lara George’s popular albums? A: Lara George has released albums such as “Forever In My Heart,” “Lara George,” “Higher – The Dansaki Album,” “Love Nwantintin,” “The Medley Album,” and “A Slice of Heaven.”

Q: Has Lara George received any international recognition? A: Yes, Lara George made history as one of the first Nigerian artists featured on BET International and has received accolades at international events such as the Africa Gospel Music Awards in London.


Lara George’s musical journey is a testament to her dedication, talent, and the power of gospel music to transcend borders. As she continues to inspire audiences worldwide, her impact on the gospel music scene remains indelible. Stay tuned for more soul-stirring melodies from this Nigerian gospel sensation!