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In the vibrant world of Nigerian comedy, a rising star has captured the hearts of millions with his infectious humor and creativity – Lord Lamba. Born on May 4, 1995, in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State, Lord Lamba’s journey from a young boy with dreams of becoming a footballer to an award-winning comedian is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s delve into the life, career, and achievements of this comedic sensation.

Lord Lamba’s Early Life and Education:

Lord Lamba, a proud Anambra State native, spent his formative years in Lagos, where he attended Fountain of Life Primary School and later pursued his secondary education at Rose Secondary School in Satellite Town. It was during his time studying Creative Arts at the university that his innate talent for making people laugh began to shine.

Lord Lamba’s Career Transition:

Initially aspiring to be a footballer, Lord Lamba’s comedic prowess became evident early on. Encouraged by his perceptive mother, he decided to channel his talent into comedy. His debut comedy video, where he humorously lied about being in New York, marked the beginning of his journey into the world of laughter. His friends, captivated by his unique approach, suggested he create skits centered around the theme of everyday lies, given that his name translates to “Lord Of Lies.”

Recognition and Awards:

Lord Lamba’s distinctiveness in his comedic skits quickly propelled him to stardom, earning him the title of one of Nigeria’s fastest-rising comedians. In 2021, he clinched the prestigious DENSA Award for Best Social Media Comedian of the Year, surpassing notable contenders like Mr. Macaroni, Taaooma, Broda Shaggi, and Officer Woos. He also secured the Nigeria Choice Awards for Nigeria’s best content creator of the year.

Lord Lamba’s Financial Milestones:

With success came financial prosperity for Lord Lamba. While his net worth remains unverified, estimates place it between $100,000 and $250,000. In an impressive display of gratitude and generosity, the comedian purchased two Mercedes Benz automobiles in 2021 and gifted his mother a brand-new Mercedes Benz as well.

Lord Lamba’s Social Media Presence:

Lord Lamba’s ascent to fame was significantly fueled by his strategic use of social media. With approximately 1.8 million followers on Instagram (@lordlamba) and a Twitter handle (@lordlamba1), he continues to captivate audiences with his comedic brilliance.


Q1: What inspired Lord Lamba to pursue a career in comedy? A: Lord Lamba’s mother, recognizing his natural talent for making people laugh, encouraged him to explore a career in comedy.

Q2: How did Lord Lamba gain recognition in the comedy scene? A: Lord Lamba’s unique comedic style, particularly in exposing everyday lies, quickly gained him a massive following, leading to awards and accolades.

Q3: What awards has Lord Lamba won? A: In 2021, Lord Lamba secured the DENSA Award for Best Social Media Comedian of the Year and the Nigeria Choice Awards for Nigeria’s best content creator of the year.


Lord Lamba’s journey from a football enthusiast to an award-winning comedian serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists. With his infectious humor and undeniable talent, Lord Lamba has etched his name in the annals of Nigerian comedy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next comedic masterpiece. We extend our best wishes to Lord Lamba as he continues to entertain and conquer new heights in his endeavors.