M.I Abaga Has Been Losing Weight – See Why

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Jude Abaga, commonly known as M.I Abaga, a veteran Nigerian rapper, has disclosed the reason behind his persistent weight loss.

Weight reduction is one of the first things people notice about a person. Many people attribute weight reduction to illness or the decision to burn some calories.

M.I Abaga, a Nigerian rapper, has sparked widespread worry among his admirers and Nigerians who like him or his recent appearance. The rapper used to be a well-built young man with chiseled muscles. His new appearance, however, has made a sensation, and many people have inquired about his health.

M.I Abaga’s recent photos demonstrate how thin he has steadily become. Fans have enquired about his health and the reason for his latest appearance.

In response to some of his followers’ inquiries regarding his present appearance, Abaga revealed that he has been exercising for two years and has been purposefully reducing weight, but he is OK.

So first of all… I’m fine! been running for two years and intentionally dropping weight. It has been a hard and long journey but I didn’t want to hit 40 at my former weight… Thanks for the concern everyone. I’m fine… I’m well… I’m flourishing”, he tweeted.

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