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Discover the rhythmic journey of Made Kuti, born on September 26, 1995, into the musical lineage of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. Hailing from Lagos State, Nigeria, Made Kuti’s early exposure to music and his subsequent rise in the industry paint a vivid picture of a talent blossoming within the iconic walls of the New Afrika Shrine.

Made Kuti’s Early Years and Education:

Born to Femi and Funke Kuti, Made’s musical odyssey commenced at the tender age of three when he picked up the trumpet. His childhood unfolded amidst the melodies of the alto, sax, piano, and drums. From CTC Primary School to Beehive School, his educational journey paved the way to Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, Fela Kuti’s alma mater.

Made Kuti’s Career Debut and Collaborations:

Made Kuti’s musical journey commenced with Positive Force, his father’s band, where he showcased his prowess on bass and saxophone from the age of eight. His debut solo single, “Free Your Mind,” marked the beginning of a promising solo career. Notably, he collaborated with his father on the double album “Legacy+” and released his solo album, “For(e)ward.” Sodi Marciszewer, a former collaborator of Fela Kuti, produced the album, offering a fusion of jazz, highlife, rock, and reggae.

Album Details and Reception:

“For(e)ward,” marked by its opening 10 tracks from Femi Kuti and final 8 from Made Kuti, garnered praise for its musical diversity. The album, distributed by Partisan Records, earned a noteworthy 7.7 out of 10 in a Pulse Nigeria review. Delphine Desane’s portrait of the father-son duo graces the album cover, capturing the essence of their musical legacy.

Made Kuti’s Personal Life:

Beyond the stage, Made Kuti is the grandson of Fela Kuti and the son of Femi Kuti. His private life includes a marriage to Inedoye Adanne Onyenso, a fashion and swimwear entrepreneur, though details remain relatively private.

Advocacy and Social Impact:

Made Kuti, influenced by his childhood at the New Afrika Shrine, channels his musical abilities to voice societal issues. Notably, he actively supported anti-police brutality demonstrations in Nigeria, contributing to the government’s decision to dissolve the notorious SARS division. His advocacy extends beyond music, marking him as a socially conscious artist.


Explore Made Kuti’s musical landscape through albums like “For(e)ward” and “Legacy+,” along with singles such as “Free Your Mind,” “Stand Tall,” and “No More Wars.” The fusion of genres, including jazz, highlife, rock, and reggae, characterizes his distinctive sound.

Awards and Nominations:

The Grammy Awards recognized Made Kuti’s contribution to global music with a nomination for “Legacy+” in the Best Global Music Album category in 2022.

Made Kuti’s Net Worth:

With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Made Kuti’s musical journey is not only rich in artistry but also in financial success.

Made Kuti’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Made Kuti on Instagram (@madekuti) and Twitter (@madeakuti) for updates on his musical endeavors and advocacy.


Q1: What is Made Kuti’s musical background? A1: Made Kuti began playing the trumpet at the age of three and later mastered the alto, sax, piano, and drums during his childhood.

Q2: How did Made Kuti contribute to anti-police brutality protests in Nigeria? A2: Made Kuti actively supported and participated in demonstrations, advocating for the dissolution of the notorious SARS division, which the government eventually implemented.

Q3: What genres characterize Made Kuti’s music? A3: Made Kuti’s music is a fusion of jazz, highlife, rock, and reggae, creating a unique and eclectic sound.


Made Kuti’s musical journey transcends generations, carrying the Afrobeat legacy forward with a blend of talent, advocacy, and social consciousness. Explore his discography, stay updated on social media, and witness the evolution of a musical prodigy making waves on the global stage.