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Meet Makinde Azeez, a trailblazing Nigerian blogger, online entrepreneur, and writer widely recognized for his iconic blog, Naijaloaded. Born on December 10th, 1989, in Lagos, Nigeria, Makinde’s success story is a testament to perseverance, passion, and the fusion of technology with education.

Makinde Azeez’s Early Life & Education:

Hailing from Ajegunle, Apapa, Makinde attended Ekum College for his secondary education. Pursuing his interest in technology, he enrolled in Lagos State Polytechnic, studying Computer Science. Despite facing challenges and not completing his HND, Makinde later joined Osun State University to study physics, successfully juggling education and his burgeoning blogging career.

Makinde Azeez’s Career Beginnings:

Makinde’s journey into the online world began with a six-month web design course in Ikeja. Fueled by his interest in configurations, proxies, and network tricks, he launched Naijaloaded in 2009, initially on a free hosting plan. Balancing school and blogging, Makinde’s dedication led to the blog’s growth and popularity.

Collaborations and Growth:

As Naijaloaded gained traction, Makinde collaborated with individuals like Lateef, Dele, and Timi to diversify content and expand the blog’s reach. Makinde’s commitment to staying relevant in the digital landscape led him to undergo training in Ethical Hacking, enhancing his technical expertise.

Naijaloaded TV Launch:

Six months after graduating, Makinde launched Naijaloaded TV in August 2017. This platform allowed people to share their opinions on events, particularly in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Today, boasts over 100 million monthly page views and a dedicated team of over 25 staff members.

Makinde Azeez’s Personal Life:

Beyond his professional success, Makinde celebrated a significant milestone on May 14th, 2017, when he married his long-term girlfriend, Mujidat Omokehinde. The event, held at Northern Foreshore Estate, Chevron Drive Lekki Lagos, was graced by celebrities like Mayorkun, Qdot, Junior Boy, Terry Apala, and DJ More Music.

Makinde Azeez’s Awards and Recognition:

Makinde and Naijaloaded have received numerous awards, including a City People Music Award nomination for Music Website of the Year. Makinde himself has been honored for his contributions to blogging and entrepreneurship.

Makinde Azeez’s Net Worth and Income Streams:

Makinde’s primary income source is Naijaloaded, where he collaborates with brands like MTN, Coca-Cola, and Globacom for advertising. His estimated net worth is $5 million, reflecting his success as one of Nigeria’s youngest and most influential bloggers.


  1. How did Makinde balance education and blogging? Makinde successfully balanced his studies with blogging by dedicating time to both pursuits, often working on Naijaloaded after returning from school.
  2. What led to the launch of Naijaloaded TV? Naijaloaded TV was introduced to provide a platform for people to express their opinions on various events, focusing on Nigeria’s entertainment industry.
  3. How does Makinde earn from Naijaloaded? Makinde generates income through sponsored blog posts, advertising partnerships with brands, and promotions of songs or products for a fee.


Makinde Azeez’s journey from Lagos streets to the helm of Naijaloaded is a compelling tale of determination and innovation. As he continues to influence millions through his blog, Makinde remains a prominent figure in Nigeria’s digital landscape.