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Meet Maria Chike Benjamin, a dynamic entrepreneur hailing from Imo State, Nigeria. Born in 1992 to the Agueze family, Maria’s journey through life has been nothing short of extraordinary. This blog post unveils her background, education, career transition, and current ventures as a participant in the popular reality TV show, Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ edition.

Maria Early Life and Education:

Maria, a proud Igbo and Nigerian, emerged from Imo State in the early ’90s. While details about her early education are limited, she pursued higher education at Trinity High School and later attended MANCAT College in the United Kingdom. At MANCAT, she delved into the world of performing arts, earning her HNC degree.

Maria Career Transition:

Maria’s professional journey commenced in the aviation industry, where she served as an air hostess with the renowned international airline, Fly Emirates. However, her career took a remarkable turn as she transitioned into the real estate sector. Before gracing the screens of Big Brother Naija, Maria had established herself as a successful realtor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Big Brother Naija Journey:

Currently, Maria is captivating audiences as one of the housemates in the ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ edition of Big Brother Naija. This reality TV show has become a platform for individuals to showcase their talents, personalities, and, in Maria’s case, the transition from the aviation industry to the real estate realm.

Maria Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Maria Chike Benjamin across various social media platforms by following her on Instagram at @mariachikebenjamin. Explore her journey, experiences, and updates as she navigates through the Big Brother Naija adventure and beyond.

Maria Net Worth and Future Prospects:

While Maria’s net worth remains undisclosed at this time, her diverse career background and newfound fame are expected to contribute positively to her financial standing. As she continues to captivate audiences on a national scale, her future prospects in the entertainment and real estate industries seem promising.


  1. Q: Where was Maria Chike Benjamin born? A: Maria was born in 1992 in Imo State, Nigeria.
  2. Q: What was Maria’s educational background? A: Maria attended Trinity High School and MANCAT College in the United Kingdom, where she studied HNC Performing Arts.
  3. Q: In which industries has Maria worked? A: Maria began her career as an air hostess with Fly Emirates and later transitioned to the real estate industry, working as a realtor in Dubai.
  4. Q: How can I connect with Maria on social media? A: You can follow Maria Chike Benjamin on Instagram at @mariachikebenjamin for updates on her journey and experiences.


Maria Chike Benjamin’s story is one of resilience, versatility, and ambition. From the skies as an air hostess to the thriving real estate industry and now the captivating world of reality TV, Maria continues to inspire. Stay tuned as she unfolds her journey on Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers worldwide.