Marian Rivera  viral  video on Twitter and reddit

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Watch Marian Rivera  viral  video on Twitter and reddit


The power of viral videos in the age of social media is undeniable, and Marian Rivera, a beloved figure in the Philippine entertainment industry, has recently found herself at the center of two viral TikTok challenge videos that have taken Twitter and Reddit by storm.

Marian Rivera’s TikTok Challenge Triumph

In the first video, posted on [YouTube](WATCH HERE) by GMA Integrated News, Marian Rivera dazzles viewers by participating in a trending TikTok challenge. The challenge involves dancing to the catchy tune “Saksi” by GMA Integrated News. With her infectious enthusiasm and dance moves, Rivera effortlessly nails the challenge, and her video has rapidly gained momentum.


Marian Rivera’s video has been viewed over 48,000 times and has garnered more than 600 likes on the platform. It’s a testament to her enduring popularity and her ability to connect with her audience through the latest social media trends.

Ricci Rivero’s Reaction Video

In a second viral video, posted on [YouTube](DOWNLOAD AND WATCH HERE) by SARAH GIN, Marian Rivera’s husband, Ricci Rivero, makes a cameo appearance. In this video, Rivero reacts to his wife’s TikTok challenge performance. His humorous and somewhat exaggerated annoyance is evident as he exclaims, “Naku Andrea, sino umaway sa bebe mo?” (Andrea, who made my baby angry?).


Rivero’s reaction video has struck a chord with viewers, amassing over 2 million views and receiving more than 23,000 likes. The humor and playful banter between the couple have resonated with the online community, making it a viral sensation.

Marian Rivera  viral  video on Twitter and reddit

These viral videos featuring Marian Rivera and her husband Ricci Rivero serve as a delightful example of how celebrities can engage with their fans and entertain a wider audience through social media platforms. With their charm and authenticity, Marian and Ricci continue to bring joy to their fans and capture the spirit of the ever-evolving digital age. As they navigate the world of viral challenges and online trends, they remain beloved figures in the hearts of many.

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