MEET The TikTok Star Who went viral because of Her Gorgeous Shape (Photos)

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Remember The TikTok Star Who Went Viral Because Of Her Shape? See Some Photos Of Her

One of the noticeable blessing seen in some African ladies is ‘good shape’ and indeed Africa is never behind when it comes to having a good shape as they are naturally gifted by God Almighty who created us all in his image and after his likeness. We have seen couple of Nigerian ladies showing their nice shapes, but this particular lady tends to stand out from others because of the nature of her body with matches with her shape.

Hajia Bintu is a popular lady in Africa whose amazing shape has left countless of people speechless as she usually flaunts. The Ghanaian Lady who is in her 20s is a Social Media Influencer, TikTok and Instagram Star known for flaunting her shape on social media. Her waistline and hip are what makes her so unique and the fact that she is an influencer does not mean she is not educated; Hajia Bintu is a student of Technical University in Ghana, studying Hospitality.

The TikTok Star is also a make-up artist, brand influencer, content maker and an entrepreneur who sells waist trainers; her non-counterfeit shape which she displays on social media has made her gained more Instagram followers than most celebrities in Ghana.

Hajia Bintu is not only blessed with good shape, she is also a beautiful lady with an amazing chocolate skin color. Have you seen a dark-skinned lady with good shapes before? Then you have to see these photos of Hajia Bintu.



Hajia Bintu is the dream lady for most men who like good shapes and there is no doubt that her man will be so lucky to have her. Have you seen any shape that beats this?

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