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Melanie Blatt, born on March 25, 1975, in the London Borough of Camden, has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. Best known as a member of the iconic girl group All Saints, Blatt’s journey encompasses music, film, and television, making her a versatile artist with a net worth of $10 million.

Melanie Blatt’s Early Life and Education:

Growing up with a French mother and British father, Blatt attended Fitzjohn’s Primary School before her musical talents led her to the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Early on, she showcased her skills by playing the young Eponine in a production of “Les Misérables.”

Melanie Blatt’s Career Beginnings:

Blatt’s musical journey kicked off in 1993 when she joined the band Drive, releasing the single “Curfew.” Later, she lent her vocals to Dreadzone and Denise van Outen. However, her breakthrough came when she joined forces with Shaznay Lewis and Simone Rainford to form All Saints, eventually shortening the name to All Saints. The group achieved international fame with hits like “Never Ever,” “Bootie Call,” and “Pure Shores.”

Melanie Blatt’s Solo Career:

Following All Saints’ first breakup in 2001, Blatt pursued a solo career, collaborating with artists like Artful Dodger and contributing to the soundtrack of the animated film “Robots.” Despite starting work on a solo album, her focus shifted when All Saints reunited.

Film and Television Appearances:

Blatt ventured into the film industry, starring in “Honest” and “Dog Eat Dog” alongside her fellow All Saints members. Her television career includes co-hosting “The Hot Desk” and serving as a judge on the New Zealand version of “The X Factor.” In 2022, she showcased her culinary skills on “Celebrity MasterChef” and later competed in the BBC’s “Race Across the World.”

Melanie Blatt’s Personal Life:

In 1998, Blatt married bassist Stuart Zender, and they welcomed their daughter Lilyella later that year. The couple divorced in 2006.


  1. What is Melanie Blatt’s net worth?
    • Melanie Blatt’s net worth is $10 million.
  2. When did All Saints disband and reunite?
    • All Saints disbanded in 2001 but reunited in 2006. They later disbanded again in 2009 before reuniting for live performances in 2014.
  3. Has Melanie Blatt released any solo albums?
    • While Blatt started working on a solo album, it was shelved when All Saints reunited. She released solo singles like “Do Me Wrong” and “See Me.”
  4. Which reality shows has Melanie Blatt participated in?
    • Melanie Blatt competed in “Celebrity MasterChef” in 2022 and the first celebrity edition of “Race Across the World” in the following year.


Melanie Blatt’s journey from the stages of All Saints to the screens of film and television is a testament to her versatility and enduring talent. As a singer, actor, and television personality, she continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted contributions to the world of entertainment.