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Meet Mercy Kenneth, a talented young actress, comedian, and singer, who hails from Lagos State in southwestern Nigeria. Born on April 9, 2009, into the esteemed family of Pastor and Mrs. Kenneth Okonkwo, Mercy is already making waves in the Nigerian entertainment industry at just 13 years old.

Mercy Kenneth  Education:

Mercy completed her primary education in Lagos State, earning her First School Leaving Certificate. Currently enrolled at Hennah Teck International College, Ojoo, Lagos State, she skillfully balances her academic pursuits with her blossoming acting career.

Mercy Kenneth  Career Evolution:

Starting as a child actress in Nollywood, Mercy Kenneth has matured into a stunning young lady. While not on screen, she humorously refers to herself as “Kenneth Okonkwo’s daughter” or the “Smart child.” Known for her emotive performances, she often portrays maltreated characters with the ability to “cry her eyes out.”


With over 25 movie credits to her name, Mercy has shared the screen with Nollywood heavyweights like Mercy Johnson, Zubby Michael, Jim Iyke, Regina Daniel, and more. Some notable works include “A Day With An Angel,” “My Guardian Angel,” and “The Bitter and Sweet Life Of Teenage Singing Prodigy.”

Comedic and Musical Talents:

Beyond acting, Mercy is a versatile entertainer, showcasing her comedic flair in series like “Natural HIV Package,” “Pour Me Water,” and “Anointed Arme Robbers.” Her singing talent is evident in projects such as “The Problem Twins” and “Diary of an Orphan.”

Endorsement and Achievements:

Mercy Kenneth has inked an endorsement deal with Mac Hp Service Limited, a popular kid’s store specializing in children’s wear. This partnership reflects her growing influence in the entertainment industry.

Mercy Kenneth Net Worth:

At just 13, Mercy Kenneth boasts an impressive estimated net worth of $75,000, solidifying her status as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest teenage actresses.

Mercy Kenneth  Social Media Presence:

The young star has cultivated a significant online following, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. Stay connected with her journey by following @mercykenneth_ on Instagram.


Q: How many movies has Mercy Kenneth starred in? A: Mercy Kenneth has appeared in over 25 movies, showcasing her versatility as a young actress.

Q: What is Mercy Kenneth’s net worth? A: As of now, Mercy Kenneth’s estimated net worth is $75,000.

Q: Does Mercy Kenneth have any endorsement deals? A: Yes, she has an endorsement deal with Mac Hp Service Limited, a kid store specializing in children’s wear.


Mercy Kenneth is a rising star in the Nigerian entertainment scene, captivating audiences with her acting prowess, comedic talent, and musical gifts. Keep an eye on this young sensation as she continues to evolve and make her mark in the world of entertainment.