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Explore the world of Meredith Foster, the renowned American lifestyle YouTuber, as we delve into her fascinating journey from Los Angeles to YouTube stardom. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll cover her background, career, net worth, and address some intriguing rumors. Let’s dive into the life of Meredith Elaine Foster.

Meredith Foster Biography:

Meredith Foster, born on November 5, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, is a 27-year-old American YouTuber who captured the hearts of millions with her engaging content. Raised by supportive parents, Steve and Laura Foster, Meredith shares a close bond with her older sister Elizabeth and fraternal twin, Michael.

Meredith Foster’s Education:

Meredith pursued higher education at Florida Southern University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, showcasing her dedication to both academics and her burgeoning online career.

Meredith Foster’s Career:

Meredith’s journey in the digital realm began in high school, where she started vlogging on YouTube. Her channels, including the immensely popular ‘VLOGSBYMERE,’ boast over 400 million views and ‘Meredith Foster,’ with a subscriber count exceeding 900,000. Beyond YouTube, Meredith is a multifaceted personality with acting credits in various TV series.

Podcast and Book:

In collaboration with Anastasia Jessica, Meredith co-hosts the ‘Unfiltered Faith’ podcast, sharing insights on lifestyle topics such as marriage, mental health, and travel. She has also authored the book “Meredith Foster: Fostering Your Best Self,” available on Amazon.

Meredith Foster’s Net Worth:

Meredith Foster’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $500,000, a testament to her success in the digital landscape.

Addressing Rumors:

Meredith Foster faced rumors in 2017 surrounding a possible eating disorder due to her rigorous fitness regimen. In response, she addressed the concerns on her YouTube channel, denying any problems while acknowledging her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

FAQs about Meredith Foster:

  1. Is Meredith Foster married? No, Meredith Foster is currently single.
  2. How tall is Meredith Foster? Meredith stands at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) tall.
  3. What is Meredith Foster’s educational background? Meredith earned a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Florida Southern University.


Meredith Foster’s journey from a Los Angeles native to a prominent YouTuber and author is truly inspiring. With a supportive family, a thriving career, and a commitment to addressing rumors transparently, Meredith continues to be a source of inspiration for her millions of fans worldwide.