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In the vibrant city of Lagos, on February 12, 1977, a musical prodigy named Mike Abdul was born. Raised both in Lagos and Ogun State, his roots trace back to Ijebu land, where his father hailed from Ago-Iwoye, and his mother from Ijebu-Oru.

Mike Abdul’s Education:

Mike’s educational journey began at A-Z International Nursery and Primary School, followed by Mayflower School Ikenne. Later, he pursued Electrical Engineering at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. His passion for theology led him to Faith Christian Theological Seminary in Sango Otta, Ogun State, where he delved into Theology and Christian Education.


November 8, 2001, marked a pivotal moment in Mike Abdul’s life as he co-founded the Midnight Crew, officially launching his professional music career. His breakthrough came with albums like “Good 2 Go,” “Korede,” and “Grateful.” In 2018, he clinched the City People Music Award for Gospel Artist of the Year. Mike is signed under the esteemed Spaghetti Records label.


Mike’s musical prowess extends to collaborations with numerous artists and producers, solidifying his status as the most featured Nigerian-based gospel artist. Notable names on his collaborative list include FLO, Wole Oni, Tim Godfrey, and Rooftop MCs, among others.

Mike Abdul’s Personal Life:

Transitioning from Midnight Crew to a solo career, Mike Abdul underwent a significant life change. He parted ways with his first wife, Vivien Stephen Eva, citing irreconcilable differences. Subsequently, he tied the knot with Monique, the estranged wife of Rasqie, aka Rasak Lawal.

Noteworthy Songs:

Mike Abdul’s discography boasts an array of uplifting songs, including “Iro Hallelujah,” “Crossover,” “Good 2 Go,” “Moriire,” and “Emi Mimo.” His collaborations feature hits like “Jesu Mi Da,” “30 Billion Hallelujah,” and “Toh Marvelous,” showcasing his versatility as a gospel artist.

Mike Abdul’s Net Worth:

According to various sources, Mike Abdul’s net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million. This accomplishment reflects not only his musical success but also his impact on the gospel music scene.

Mike Abdul’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Mike Abdul through his social media platforms:

  • Instagram: @mikeabdulnaija
  • Twitter: @mikeabdulnaija


Q1: When did Mike Abdul start his professional music career? A1: Mike Abdul officially began his musical journey on November 8, 2001, with the founding of Midnight Crew.

Q2: What are some of Mike Abdul’s popular songs? A2: Some of his popular songs include “Crossover,” “Good 2 Go,” “Moriire,” “Jesu Mi Da,” and “Toh Marvelous.”

Q3: Who is Mike Abdul married to? A3: Mike Abdul is currently married to Monique, the estranged wife of Rasqie, also known as Rasak Lawal.

Q4: What is Mike Abdul’s net worth? A4: According to various sources, Mike Abdul’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million.


Mike Abdul’s journey from Lagos to stardom is a testament to his dedication to gospel music and his ability to inspire through his soul-stirring tunes. His collaborations and impact on the Nigerian music scene continue to resonate, making him a revered figure in the industry.