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In the sprawling landscape of Nigeria’s business elite, Femi Otedola stands as a prominent figure, a mogul whose influence reverberates across industries. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour of affluence, there exists a tale of a private life, shielded from the public eye—the life of Fewa Otedola, the youngest and only son of Femi Otedola. Born on June 2, 2000, Fewa’s journey is marked by privilege and, more significantly, the challenges of navigating life with autism.

Fewa Otedola’s Roots:

Hailing from Oyo State in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, Fewa is firmly rooted in his heritage. Despite his affluent upbringing, he currently resides in the United Kingdom, where he pursues his education. The Otedola family has been discreet about Fewa’s life, allowing him the space he needs to navigate the world on his own terms.

Navigating Autism:

Fewa Otedola’s life has been shaped by autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts social receptivity and communication. Nana Otedola, Fewa’s mother, recalls noticing peculiar symptoms during his infancy, but it wasn’t until he turned four that the diagnosis was confirmed. Despite the challenges, Fewa has been surrounded by unwavering love and support from his parents, siblings, and extended family.

Quiet Transition to Adulthood:

In contrast to his sisters, Fewa’s journey into adulthood has been a quieter one. Shielded from the media spotlight, his education and personal milestones have largely remained private. This intentional privacy underscores the Otedola family’s commitment to preserving Fewa’s well-being and allowing him to flourish in an environment tailored to his unique needs.


Q1: What is Fewa Otedola’s educational background? A: Fewa Otedola is currently pursuing his education in the United Kingdom. However, specific details about his educational institution remain private to respect his privacy.

Q2: How did Nana Otedola discover Fewa’s autism? A: Nana Otedola noticed unusual symptoms in Fewa during his infancy. The diagnosis was confirmed when he turned four years old, prompting the family to rally around him with love and support.

Q3: Why is Fewa Otedola’s life so private? A: The Otedola family values Fewa’s privacy and has intentionally kept details about his life out of the media to provide him with a serene and supportive environment.


Fewa Otedola’s journey is a testament to the Otedola family’s commitment to preserving privacy amid a world hungry for glimpses into the lives of the affluent. As he continues his education and navigates the challenges of autism, Fewa remains a symbol of resilience, surrounded by the warmth of family love.