Moment Bike Riders Rescue Suicidal Man Who Jumped Over The Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge (Video)

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A video that captures the moment some bike riders rushed to the save a man who tried to commit suicide by jumping over Lekki-Ikoyi Link bridge has surfaced online.

In the video currently making the rounds online, the bike riders could be seen raising alarm, trying to tell people passing by to assist them so as to be able to rescue the man who is trying so hard to take his life.

However, while some people joined them in making sure that the man didn’t kill himself, a voice from the background could be heard telling people to leave him to commit suicide. “Leave am he go die well well, he go die better.”

Also, some performed the role of onlookers as they stand on the bridge and look at how people were able to rescue the man who is ready to commit suicide.

Watch the video below;