Moment NDLEA Officials Arrested IG Comedian, De general At His House(Video)

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A video that captures the moment the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officials arrested popular social media comedian, De general at his house has surfaced online.

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In the video currently making the rounds online, the officials of the agency are seen trying to arrest the skit maker, while he resists, saying that he knows his fundamental human right, and backs it up by making a video of the scene.

The reason for the arrest is still unknown, but via the video, about 5-6 officers could be seen in his living room, including a female officer who was dressed in mufti.

The female amongst them stated that De general has no right to make videos of them but she was only being lenient with him due to the presence of their boss.

The video sparked mixed reactions on social media as Nigerians reacted differently.

“This is very unprofessional. There is a need for warrant! If there are none then there’s a need to know if their laws permit them to go into people’s house. If their laws doesn’t then this a breach and assault and it should be checked” – a user wrote.

Another added; “Everything about this country needs a reform,how do you arrest someone in his house,and still fight abi beat him😓”

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