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Meet Fred Chidera Peter, the talented and charismatic comedian hailing from Umuofor Udo, Imo State, Nigeria. Born and bred in Imo State, Fred’s journey from a humble beginning to becoming a prominent figure in the Nigerian comedy scene is nothing short of inspiring.

Fred Chidera Early Beginnings:

Fred’s foray into comedy started with sharing funny content on social media. By 2018, he had already earned the title of Best Up-Coming Comedian in Udo, showcasing his natural charm and comedic talent. This was just the beginning of a remarkable career.

Academic Achievements:

Fred, a gifted comedian, made history as the first student to direct a convocation production in the Theatre Arts Department of Udo Civil Hall. His school days were adorned with numerous awards, including Most Fashionable Student, Most Celebrated Student, Funniest Student of the Year, Udo-tech-Cultural Personality Award, and Most Celebrated Science Student.

Fred Chidera Career and Contributions:

After secondary school, Fred ventured into comedy while waiting for admission. He gained recognition with his “Bike Man Skit” and contributed to Excel Comedy, earning him a reputation as a mentor for upcoming acts. Fred has played a pivotal role in promoting the work of aspiring musicians through his comedy skits and even wrote a music piece titled “Oluchi.”

Fred Chidera Comedy Group and Ventures:

As the head of Comics Comedy, Fred leads a talented crew, directing and acting alongside members like Emmanuel Ukandu (Kalu), Abreham Chinedu (Nze Boy), Onyeanuna Temple (Smith), Esonu Ugochukwu (Gizzy), and Nzerem Miracle (Focus). He hosts Comics Live, one of the biggest comedy shows, featuring renowned comedians. Fred is also an investor in stand-up comedy, fostering talent through his “Open Mic Challenge.”

Fred Chidera Awards and Nominations:

Fred’s stellar performances have earned him numerous awards, including Comedian of the Year at Diamond Awards for Comedy, Teens Favorite, MBG Owerri Merit Awards, National Daily Awards, Arsenal Award for Excellence, Mode Men of the Year Awards 2018, and Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2019. He has also received the Most Creative Entrepreneur of the Year (Comedy Category) from C.E.A.N.

Fred Chidera Endorsements:

In 2011, Fred secured a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Charlse Captain, making him their brand ambassador with an estimated worth of 10 million naira.

Fred Chidera Comedy Details and Challenges:

Fred’s journey in comedy includes the revival of a comedy group, overcoming challenges, and ultimately establishing Comics Comedy. Despite facing obstacles, Fred’s creative thinking and divine gift keep the group thriving.

Fred Chidera Family Background:

As the youngest of seven children, Fred’s academic success and comedic achievements make his parents proud, even if he is known for being a bit stubborn.

Fred Chidera Contact Information:

For business inquiries, Fred can be reached via WhatsApp at 09036257401 or through calls at 09036257401 or 09066844501.


  1. Q: How did Fred Chidera Peter start his comedy career?
    • A: Fred began his comedy journey by posting humorous content on social media, eventually earning recognition as the Best Up-Coming Comedian in Udo.
  2. Q: What awards has Fred received in his career?
    • A: Fred has received numerous awards, including Comedian of the Year at Diamond Awards for Comedy, Teens Favorite, MBG Owerri Merit Awards, and many more.
  3. Q: What is Fred’s contribution to the Nigerian comedy scene?
    • A: Fred is not only a successful comedian but also a mentor to upcoming acts, an investor in stand-up comedy, and the founder of Comics Comedy, one of the prominent comedy groups in Nigeria.
  4. Q: How can one contact Fred Chidera Peter for business inquiries?
    • A: Fred can be contacted through WhatsApp at 09036257401 or via calls at 09036257401 or 09066844501.