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Discover the life, career, and political journey of Muhammadu Buhari, the current President of Nigeria. From his early days in Katsina state to his military career, political appointments, and his current influential role in Nigerian politics, this blog post provides an in-depth look into the man behind the presidency.

Muhammadu Buhari Early Life & Education:

Explore the roots of President Buhari, born on December 17, 1942, in Katsina state, Nigeria. Raised by his mother after the early loss of his father, Buhari grew up in a large family. Delve into his educational journey, from Katsina Model School to the Government College Katsina, highlighting key milestones.

Muhammadu Buhari Military Career:

Uncover Buhari’s entry into the military at the age of 19, his training at the Nigerian Military Training College, and subsequent appointments and promotions. Detail his involvement in significant events such as the Civil War and his various roles within the Nigerian Army.

Federal Commissioner For Petroleum And Natural Resources:

Explore Buhari’s pivotal role as the Federal Commissioner for Petroleum and Natural Resources, overseeing notable developments in the petroleum sector. Highlight his achievements, including the construction of storage depots, pipeline networks, and refineries.

Muhammadu Buhari Head of State:

Examine Buhari’s ascendancy to power in 1983, leading the country alongside Major-General Tunde Idiagbon after a successful military coup. Explore the reforms implemented during his regime, including the War Against Indiscipline, his zero-tolerance policy for corruption, and the eventual overthrow by General Ibrahim Babangida in 1985.

Muhammadu Buhari Presidency (Current):

Chart Buhari’s political comeback, unsuccessful attempts at the presidency, and his eventual victory in the 2015 general elections. Highlight the historical significance of defeating the incumbent president and his subsequent re-election in 2019.

Muhammadu Buhari Personal Life:

Shed light on Buhari’s personal life, including his marriages to Safinatu Yusuf and Aisha Halilu. Explore the family dynamics, his children, and the tragic losses he experienced.

Muhammadu Buhari Awards:

Showcase the awards and honors bestowed upon President Buhari, including the CAF Platinum Award, the Polio Champion Award, and others, illustrating his impact on various spheres.

Muhammadu Buhari Net Worth:

Detail Buhari’s declared assets in 2015, listing properties, lands, and investments. Provide an estimated net worth of $80 million and emphasize his influential status in Nigeria.

FAQ Section:

Q1: How many children does Muhammadu Buhari have? A1: President Buhari has a total of 10 children from his two marriages, including Halima, Zarah, Yusuf, Aisha, and Amina.

Q2: What awards has Muhammadu Buhari received? A2: Buhari has received numerous awards, including the CAF Platinum Award, Polio Champion Award, and the Grand Gordon of the Knighthood of Venerable Order of the Pioneers.

Q3: Can you provide details about Muhammadu Buhari’s military career? A3: Buhari’s military career began in 1962, and he held various positions, including Commander of the Second Infantry Battalion and Federal Commissioner for Petroleum and Natural Resources.


this comprehensive blog post offers a detailed look into the life of Muhammadu Buhari, from his early years to his current influential position. Explore his military and political journey, personal life, awards, and net worth, gaining a holistic understanding of the man shaping Nigeria’s political landscape.