My Daughter Thinks I Works At Bookstore: Mark Zuckerberg Discloses

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American media magnate Mark Zuckerberg revealed in his recent post that his daughter is not only unaware that he owns the game Beat Saber, but also thinks he works at a bookstore. 

Mark Zuckerberg Talking - The Hollywood Gossip

Beat Saber is a popular Virtual Reality rhythm game where a player slashes the beats from the accompanying music.


Facebook acquired Beat Games, the maker of the game in November 2019, joining a gaming division of Facebook called Oculus Studio. 

In his post, he wrote: 

Apparently the reason my daughter thinks Beat Saber isn’t part of my job is because she’s convinced I work at a bookstore.

Check out his post below: 

Read some comment sighted below:

Habiba Athoy;

There are so many things that the girl thinks like herself🖤, why doesn’t the father show her office😐🙂

Lowiza Ruben Abbas:
Ya you are and i always get kicked out of your bookstore by you 😒🙄
Khaing Ye Thwin:
She will be surprised when she understands that you could probably own all bookstores around the world.🥴😊
Saahil Mahato;
You sell books containing images of faces. Her deduction skills are amazing. 👌😆
Adonai P Simbajon:
Wait Until she learned to download Facebook Mark Zuckerberg pretty sure she gonna be shock 🙄😅🤣☝🏿
Jan Daypan Pilo;
You can include bookstore with Facebook, daughter idea will be right HAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAH
Charot load bitaw gusto nako

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