“My Mess Smells Like Roses”- Reality TV star, Nengi Makes Sh()cking Revealation

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Nengi The well-known reality TV personality and social media influencer Rebecca Hampson has once again captured the interest of her fans and following with her new admission of having flatulence.

The lovely and adorable Nengi claims that the smell of her farts is sweet and reminiscent of roses.

In reaction to a video released by well-known blogger Tunde Ednut in which a woman was seen farting in public, this admission was made.

In the post’s description, Tunde mentioned Nengi, who had previously acknowledged to frequently farting, and expressed his amazement that attractive women also fart.

Nengi, in her characteristic humour, commented on Tunde’s post, saying, “My mess smells like roses watchu mean”.

This statement has since gone viral, with fans and followers reacting with both amusement and disbelief.

See the post below: