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Nafisa Abdullahi, born on January 23, 1991, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, is a prominent figure in the Kannywood film industry. Hailing from a rich Hausa Muslim family with roots in Kano, Nafisa embarked on her acting journey at the age of 19 and has since become a celebrated actress with numerous accolades to her name.

Nafisa Early Life and Education:

Nafisa, the fourth daughter of the late Abdulrahman Abdullahi, a prosperous car dealer and elder statesman, was raised in Jos. She attended Airforce Private School before moving to Government Girl Secondary School, Dutse, Abuja. Later, she earned a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Jos and is currently pursuing studies in photography at the London School of Photography.

Nafisa Career Beginnings:

In 2010, Nafisa landed her breakthrough role in the film “Sai Wata Rana,” directed by Ali Nuhu. Her talent shone through, leading to roles in acclaimed films such as “Blood and Henna” and “Lamiraj,” both directed by Aminu Saira. These performances earned her the title of “Best Actress” at various awards, including the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Nafisa Personal Life and Marriage Controversy:

Nafisa, known for her candidness, stirred controversy by stating her reluctance to marry a Kannywood star. She dismissed rumors about her wedding, asserting that she has many admirers but has not chosen a fellow actor as her life partner.

Nafisa Filmography:

Nafisa’s filmography includes notable works like “Ahlul Kitab,” “Sai Wata Rana,” “Blood and Henna,” and “Ya Daga Allah.” Her versatile performances have garnered critical acclaim, making her a sought-after actress in the Kannywood industry.

Awards and Nominations:

The actress has received numerous awards, including Best Actress at the City People Entertainment Award, MTN Award, AMMA Awards, and Kannywood Awards, solidifying her status as a talented and acclaimed performer.

Nafisa Net Worth:

Beyond her acting career, Nafisa Abdullahi is a successful entrepreneur with investments and a production firm. Her estimated net worth is around $1.8 million, reflecting her financial success and luxurious lifestyle.

Nafisa Social Media Presence:

Nafisa enjoys a massive following on Instagram, with over 2 million followers, and nearly 40,000 on Twitter. Her social media handles are @nafeesat_official on Instagram and @___Nafeesa on Twitter.


In the dynamic world of Kannywood, Nafisa Abdullahi stands out as a talented actress, successful entrepreneur, and a source of inspiration for aspiring artists. Her journey from Jos to the global stage is a testament to her dedication and skill, making her a respected figure in the Nigerian film industry.


1. How did Nafisa Abdullahi start her acting career?

  • Nafisa began her acting career at the age of 19 and landed her first significant role in the film “Sai Wata Rana.”

2. What awards has Nafisa Abdullahi won?

  • Nafisa has won awards such as Best Actress at the City People Entertainment Award, MTN Award, AMMA Awards, and Kannywood Awards.

3. Is Nafisa Abdullahi married to a Kannywood star?

  • No, Nafisa has expressed her reluctance to marry a Kannywood star, and as of now, she has not chosen a fellow actor as her life partner.

4. What is Nafisa Abdullahi’s estimated net worth?

  • Nafisa Abdullahi’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.8 million, including earnings from her acting career, businesses, and investments.