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Are you a fan of Nollywood movies? If so, you must have come across the charismatic Nancy Isime, a versatile actress, red carpet host, television personality, model, and the proud winner of the 2009 Miss Valentine International Pageant. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the life and career of this remarkable talent, providing you with an in-depth look at her early days, her journey in the entertainment industry, notable movies, and the recognition she has earned. Plus, we’ll reveal the answer to the burning question: Is Nancy Isime married?

Nancy Isime’s Early Life:

Born on December 17, 1991, in Edo State, Nigeria, Nancy Isime’s family moved to Lagos shortly after her birth. Despite losing her mother at a tender age of five, Nancy was raised by her strict but supportive single father. Grateful for his influence, she attributes her strength and character to his discipline and fatherly advice. Nancy’s educational journey took her from primary and secondary education in Lagos to a six-month basic course at the prestigious University of Port Harcourt and a subsequent Diploma in Social Works from the University of Lagos.

Nancy Isime Career Beginnings:

Nancy Isime didn’t initially set out to be an actress. Her journey began in the world of modeling, where her striking looks and body shape garnered attention and admiration. Modeling became a way for her to support herself and alleviate her father’s burdens during her university years. While she initially had aspirations of becoming a geologist, lawyer, surgeon, social worker, or even a pilot, fate led her to the realms of modeling and acting.

Venturing into Acting:

In 2011, a film producer, captivated by Nancy’s runway presence, offered her a role in the TV series “Echoes.” This marked the beginning of her acting career, which flourished over the next decade. Notable movies in her filmography include “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free,” “A Trip to Jamaica,” “Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons,” and “Made in Heaven.”

Nancy Isime’s Filmography:

  • Beauty in the Broken
  • Adaife
  • The Millions
  • Hire A Woman
  • Guilty
  • On the Real (Television Programmer, 2017)
  • Hire a Man
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons
  • Hex
  • Disguise
  • Don’t get mad get even
  • Made in Heaven
  • The Surrogate
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free
  • Club
  • Levi
  • A Better Family
  • A Trip to Jamaica
  • Finding C.H.R.I.S
  • Jonny Just Come (JJC)

Awards and Recognitions:

Nancy Isime’s talent has not gone unnoticed, earning her several accolades, including:

  • Sexiest female On-Air Personality (OAP) at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award (Nominated, 2016)
  • Most Stylish Emerging Actress of the year at the SEWAF Style Awards (2017)
  • On-Air Personality (TV) at The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize (2017)
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards (Nominated/English, 2019)
  • Most Stylish Media Person at the 5th edition of the Glam and Essence Magazine Awards.
  • Excellence in Service award by Ovation Magazine
  • Celebrity of the year by Vivianlam Magazine Special
  • Model of the year at the Nigerian Model and Achievers Award (2016)
  • VJ of the Year at the City People Entertainment Award (2016)
  • Honouree at La’mode Awards (2019)
  • Best Kiss in a Movie at Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards (Nominated, 2019)

FAQs about Nancy Isime:

1. Is Nancy Isime married? As of the latest information available, Nancy Isime’s marital status is not publicly disclosed.

2. What are Nancy Isime’s notable movies? Some of Nancy Isime’s popular movies include “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free,” “A Trip to Jamaica,” “Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons,” and “Made in Heaven.”

3. What awards has Nancy Isime won? Nancy Isime has received awards such as Sexiest female On-Air Personality, Most Stylish Emerging Actress, and Model of the Year, among others.


Nancy Isime’s journey from a young girl in Edo State to a celebrated figure in Nollywood is truly inspiring. Her talent, coupled with her resilience, has carved a niche for her in the entertainment industry, making her a household name and a source of inspiration for aspiring actors and fans alike. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to grace both the big screen and the red carpet with her captivating presence.