Nancy Isime Reacts to Blogger’s Criticism – Reveals She is Dating a Married Man

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A blog provoked outrage on Instagram after claiming that Nancy Isime’s trip to Istanbul was paid for by a married man.

A snapshot of the TV anchor was posted alongside a photo of the man who reportedly funds her extravagant and colorful lifestyle.

See if you sleep this night you are on your own oo, this story Na segment , things people do for money go shock una ooo, meet the Married olosho man behind Aunty Nancy Isstabul trip.

Surprisingly, Nancy Isime chose to respond to the blog in the comment part of the post where she was called out for dealing with a married man.

The TV host admitted that she had never been to Istanbul before, yet no one cared. She also advised the person in charge of the blog to continue dispensing gist.

Instanbul trip… Hmmn. Interesting! I’ve never been to Instabul before but who cares Abeg I no sleep this night oh! Give us gist Abeg

Nancy asked the writer in another post why she would not react because the page promotes violence and she wants to be a part of it.

In denying knowing the man, Nancy pointed out that her putative lover’s employer is the show’s main sponsor, that she has worked for them, and that she even invited his family and staff to her birthday.

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