Nigerian Actress, Jemima Osunde Shares Throw-Back Photo Of Herself To Mark This Years Children’s Day

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Nigerian actress, model and presenter, Jemima Osunde has taken to social media media to celebrate Children’s day, sharing throw back photo of herself

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Jemima Osunde was born on April 30th, 1996, into a family of five and is a native of Edo State. She studied physiotherapy at the University of Lagos.

To mark this years Children’s Day, the actress, Jemima Osunde took to her Instagram page, to wish children and others with childlike heart a happy children’s day, stating that adults should allow themselves live like kids once in a while

She also said that, they should Enjoy the simple things in life, laugh and don’t tight the world to your chest, adding that she knows its no easy but they should give it a try

Upon describing herself, she mentioned the 6-year-old self inside her is the real deal and a bossy one, contrary to what other people think of her. She added she is envious of all the children celebrating Children’s day as she would have been happier if the break was for everybody.

She captioned her post;

“Public holidays are sweeter when they apply to you 🥺 SO……

Happy children’s day to all my babies!!!!! Aunty Jemima loves you fiercely 💘💘💘 for life 🔐

and happy children’s day to the little kids in all of us too😂🙌🏾. Sometimes, allow yourself live like a kid. Enjoy the simple things in life, laugh and don’t tight the world to your chest 😩 I know it’s not an easy world but try it sometimes.

I know I’ve been told a few times that I behave like I have a 6 year old inside of me somewhere.
Contrary to what a lot of people think, that 6 year old in me is “the indaboski”, “the war” and not the smiley cute person you would’ve thought 🤣🤣😂 swipe yo see what I’m talking about!

Anywayyy, I hope you have a day filled with genuine joy and laughter! “.


See reactions from fans;

@ruphiine_:-Happy children’s day Jem❤️❤️

@f_a_v.o.u.r:-Happy children’s day Jemima😍

@glowbymarve:-Jem the stallion ❤️❤️😍😍…Happy children’s day somebody’s daughter😁😍

@dolly_lotachi02:-Who is in slide two,Biko?

@_anwurri:-She’s always been cute😂😍

@hopesavage93:-Beautiful ❤️

@ayanar_crochets:-Happy Children’s day Mimah❤️

@damizeeno:-Who is this

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