Nigerian Lady Embarrassed At A Club Over Inability To Pay For Her Food (VIDEO)

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Recently, two club workers were seen attempting to steal a woman’s phone since she couldn’t pay her bills after having drinks and eating at the club.

The woman stated that other people also went to the club since a man brought them there in a video that went viral on social media.

She said:

“I didn’t come alone, someone brought me here, they are coming to pay my bills.

The waiters were very impatient with her since she had drank expensive beverages and food, and they insisted on taking her phone and bag to pay the tab because they had to report to their boss.

Online users discussed their emotions in the video’s comments section. Others believed that the women could have handled the circumstance with more poise and patience.

Others disagreed, claiming that the disagreement and humiliating public display were needless.

Watch the video below;