Nigerian Policeman Copies America Police Force Stops Keke Driver, Wows Him and His Passengers with Cash Gifts (Video)

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In the spirit of the season, a well-dressed Nigerian cop surprised a commuter and his passengers with a pleasant surprise. On a highway, an unidentified police officer stopped a keke driver and performed the standard ride particulars check.

After completing his regular tricycle inspection, the officer did not release the driver and, to his surprise, dipped his hand into his pocket.

The hand extended wads of cash, which he tallied and delivered to the tricycle’s driver and all three passengers.

The driver and his passengers were taken aback by the officer’s kindness and smiled in astonishment in a brief video uploaded by @wisdomblogg on Instagram.

Following the cash gifts, the officer thanked everyone in the trike for their service and discharged them.

Watch the video below: