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Meet Anita Singh, fondly known as Nini, a rising force in the Nigerian fashion scene, an economist with a flair for entertainment, and a notable contestant in the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye edition. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the early life, career, and intriguing facts about this multi-talented personality.

Nini’s Early Life:

Born in 1994 to Mr. and Mrs. Singh in Nigeria, Nini hails from Edo, Edo State. A proud Yoruba and a devout Christian, her early years set the foundation for the remarkable journey that awaited her. While specifics about her basic education remain undisclosed, Nini is a distinguished graduate of the University of Abuja, where she honed her skills and laid the groundwork for her future endeavors.

Nini Early Career:

Before capturing hearts on reality TV, Nini thrived as a fashion entrepreneur and economist in Abuja. Her goal-oriented approach and commitment to her craft positioned her as a prominent figure in the city’s fashion landscape. The journey from being a successful entrepreneur to a captivating reality TV star is a testament to Nini’s versatility and determination.

Nini’s Hobbies:

Beyond the spotlight, Nini finds joy in simple pleasures. Her hobbies include cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography, showcasing a well-rounded personality that extends beyond her professional pursuits.

Net Worth of Nini:

As of now, the specific details of Nini’s net worth remain undisclosed. Stay tuned, as we’ll update this post as soon as this information becomes publicly available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Q: When was Nini born? A: Nini, whose real name is Anita Singh, was born in 1994.
  2. Q: Where is Nini from? A: Nini is a native of Edo, Edo State, Nigeria, and belongs to the Yoruba tribe.
  3. Q: Which university did Nini graduate from? A: Nini is a graduate of the prestigious University of Abuja.
  4. Q: What are Nini’s hobbies? A: Nini enjoys cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography in her leisure time.


As Nini continues to make waves in the realms of fashion, entertainment, and reality TV, her journey from a determined entrepreneur to a beloved reality star is both inspiring and captivating. Keep an eye on this space for updates on Nini’s net worth and more exciting facets of her life.