No Be Witchcraft Be This – Nkechi Blessing Slams Those Jubilating Over The Broken Marriage Of Other

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Actress Nkechi Blessing has slammed those who jubilate over the broken marriage of others saying what they do is pure witchcraft.

Nkechi Blessing reacting to how some netizens are excited and jubilating after rumors of actress Nuella and actor Tchidi’s marriage hitting the rock surfaced the net saying the way some people jubilate over the predicament of others is very pathetic.

Being confused of why they do all that, Nkechi Blessing took the liberty to ask those fond of doing that who did that to them for them to only jubilate over someone’s broken marriage adding that their action is pure witchcraft and nothing else can explain that.

Even though actor Tchidi has shared some bedroom video to debunk rumors that his marriage with Nuella is actually coming to an end, some people seem not to believe it especially after they both Unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos of each other on their page.

Some netizens who weren’t pleased about Nuella snatching Tchidi from actress Sophia Williams were so excited with the news of their marriage breaking apart saying God is fighting for Sophia and that is what marvels Nkechi Blessing saying what they are doing is pure witchcraft.

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