‘No Matter How Much You Offer Me, I Won’t Expose my Body In A Musical Video’ – Efe Irele

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Efe Irele, a well-known model and video vixen from Nigeria, has stated that she will not appear naked in a music video, regardless of the payment provided.

The TV personality from Edo State remarked recently in an exclusive interview;

“I still do Video Vixen but some selected videos, but not everything that comes my way. No matter how much you offer me, I won’t expose my body in a musical video.”

“Even if the pay is so good and tempting, I will not show my skin. I can display nudity as a video vixen. That was never me, at any point in time.”


From the outset, I had this kind of mindset that I am not going to show my skin to bring any attention to myself. In all the musical videos I have featured in, I was properly dressed.”

Asked what she was doing before she ventured into the entertainment industry, Efe Irele said, “Before acting I owned an event management company and before that I used to work as a Human Resource manager because I have a masters in Human Resource management so I did that for almost a year and because I was frustrated in the job I just wanted to get out of there.”

“Before then, I was into TV modeling and I knew I loved being in front of the camera; it was a weird transition, I never really knew that I wanted to act but I knew that I loved watching movies and re-enacting things in the house with my parents and my siblings and I also used to do appearances in music videos, and then my manager said a lot of people wanted me for acting roles and just like that, I started falling in love with acting going to auditions regularly until I finally got my role in Aso Ebi.”