”Nobody will carry your work on their head the way you would” – Yemi Alade Advises Her Fans

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Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter Yemi Alade took to her twitter handle to urg her fans to pay attention to their work because nobody will do it even if u pay them salary.

The multiple award-winning singer, via a post on her official Twitter account noted that no employee will be committed towards the work of their boss even if they are being paid salary.


In her post, she wrote:

Nobody will carry your work on their head the way you would…even if you pay them salary! 

Check out her post below:

Read some comment below:


Pay me my salary in due time, give me peace of mind and see if I won’t carry your business on my head.


I think it all depend on ur relationship with them , not every thing is about salary. You earn people trust and respect. I am d type that do my best in which ever position I find my self but when I am not given peace of mind, I will immediately loose interest in the job .


Nobody will use your book the way you would…even if you borrow them for free!


When u say carry the work on their head,what do u mean? because it is actually people that makes someone’s company or business grow better and they carry it on their head that’s why it attained greatness.Unless u talking of eye-service.Ppl work hard to make business become great.


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