Nollywood Actress Monica Friday Celebrates Birthday

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Popular Nollywood actress, Monica Friday celebrates her birthday today.

The actress stormed her instagram page as she shared amazing photos of herself as she looked back at her journey to see how far she has come in life and the challenges she has been able to overcome with God on her side. She made it clear that with God by your side you can overcome every challenges of life.

She was overwhelmed with birthday messages from other celebrities, followers and fans.

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She made a post captioned:

Birthday Girl. 🤩😍.
I have always have the backing of God Almighty, Great mentors far and near, A sweet family and great friends who turned family! And of-course, you my ministry family on here! Thank you for being part of my life. 😫🙌🏽
Some people say we don’t understand your personality, you act like a pastor and you’re an Actress 🙄🤯
You can be a footballer, Doctor, farmer, teacher , lawyer, and rep the gospel of Jesus.
The Image of of God and the likeness of God are two different things.
Image : Identity /Dna
Likeness : character✅ God is the greatest artist, performer, teacher, thinker, doer …………….
✅Solomon is a preacher, and a king! But we only see and talk about his wives and side chicks!
✅Jesus didn’t pick idle disciples , they were all doing something.
😂😂😂Wahala for who get talent and no dey strong, dem go clear you for road!
Tested and Trusted ✅.
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