“Nothing like zazu bitter it’s fake” Portable warns the public against drinking ‘Zazuu Bitters’

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Portable, a Nigerian street-hop singer, has released a public service announcement to those who consume the herbal drink Zazuu Bitters.

The controversial musician came across a bunch of people peddling the drink named after his big song and said it was a forgery.

He warned them not to consume it and separated himself from the drink’s creators, stressing that he is simply an ambassador for Odogwu Bitters.

Then, Portable posted a video of himself explaining to the folks who sought to impress him by giving him Zazu Bitters.

He captioned;

”on my way back from IG zone 2 police office
zazu federal government liability… stop spreading fake news nothing like zazu is wanted
nothing like zazu bitter it’s fake . the real and legitimate bitter that i represent and as the first ambassador is odogwu bitters.”

Watch the video below: