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In the early ’50s, amidst the vibrant culture of Nigeria, a talented actor emerged, destined to leave an indelible mark on the country’s entertainment landscape. Olumide Bakare, affectionately known as Chief Koko, was born on November 26, 1953, into the Bakare family. His life, spanning decades, was one of inspiration and cultural significance.

Olumide Bakare’s  Career Highlights:

Olumide Bakare gained widespread acclaim for his iconic role in the revered TV series “Koko Close.” The show, a staple on both TV and film theatres of its time, not only showcased Bakare’s acting prowess but also earned him the enduring moniker of “Chief Koko.”

His illustrious career extended beyond television, with notable appearances in blockbuster movies and soap advertisements. Among them, “Papa Ajasco and Company” by Wale Adenuga stands out as a testament to Bakare’s versatility as an actor.


Over the course of his career, Olumide Bakare graced the silver screen in over 100 movies, contributing to the richness of Nigeria’s cinematic heritage. Some of his notable works include “Koboko,” “Iboji” (2008), “Maami” (2011), “Last Flight to Abuja,” “Ise Onise” (2009), “Aye Olorogun” (2007), and “Kofo Lady.”

Olumide Bakare’s  Personal Life:

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, Olumide Bakare was a family man. Married and blessed with four grown-up children, his legacy continues through his offspring—Olulabode, a pastor in the United States; Oluwamayowa, a businessman in Lagos; Oluwatofunmi, and Halimat.


  1. What is Olumide Bakare’s most famous role? Olumide Bakare’s most iconic role was in the TV series “Koko Close,” which not only brought him fame but also led to his affectionate nickname, “Chief Koko.”
  2. How many movies did Olumide Bakare act in? Throughout his career, Bakare showcased his talent in over 100 movies, leaving an indelible mark on Nigeria’s cinematic landscape.
  3. Is Olumide Bakare married? Yes, Olumide Bakare was married and had four children—Olulabode, Oluwamayowa, Oluwatofunmi, and Halimat.


Olumide Bakare’s contributions to Nigerian entertainment, marked by his stellar performances and memorable characters, will forever resonate in the hearts of fans. As we remember this legendary actor, let his legacy serve as an enduring source of inspiration for aspiring talents and a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria.